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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our project aims to provide young adults with the necessary skills and qualifications, through dodgeball coach education, to be able to make a positive impact on the lives of adults, older aged adults and children within their community. We will achieve this through the following steps:
1. 18 students from Manchester Metropolitan University and 18 students from the University of Manchester will complete the British Dodgeball Level 1 and Level 2 coach education training in Spring 2019. The Level 1 training will provide the students with an in depth knowledge into dealing with the different types of participants, how to deliver inclusive sessions and improve participants self esteem. The Level 2 training will provide the students with a greater knowledge of the sport and coaching.
2. The students will then utilise their new skills and qualifications to deliver dodgeball sessions within the community. There will be 3 types of sessions focused on a) Dodgeball for Juniors (targeting under 16's), b) Dodgeball for Beginners (targeting those aged 16+) and c) Dodgeball for Older Adults (targeting those aged 50+). There will be 4 sessions for each age group at 3 different locations; Trinity Sports Centre in Hulme, Energy Box in Levenshulme and Platt Lane in Fallowfield.
3. At the same time as these sessions participants will be encouraged to become involved with the local Manchester Bees Dodgeball Club. The club offers open training sessions for new and improving adults of all ages on a weekly basis in Manchester. The club also runs an academy session for juniors of all groups in Manchester.
4. Students that have completed the training and coaching will have developed a new skill and qualification and gained valuable experience coaching a range of age groups. These students will be afforded more opportunities to coach as part of local club and NGB sessions in the area.

The project will have a fantastic impact on the local community. Providing 36 young adults with valuable training that will enhance their CV's and provide paid opportunities for them now and in the future as coaches. The students will also achieve a keen sense of reward as they put their skills into practice and benefit the lives of others.

Through each of the 3 age groups at each of the 3 locations we are targeting a total of 180 participants engaged in the project. Broken down that equates to 20 participants per age group per location. There is a large demand for young people to play dodgeball and we are keen to satisfy that demand, the following key stats from the July Ofsted report into obesity, healthy eating and physical activity in primary schools shows that 1) Dodgeball was the highest score for a sport that children wanted to do more of (33%). 2) Dodgeball was named the second most popular sport that children named as their favourite (27%). 3) Only 25% of the schools surveyed are currently offering dodgeball.

Dodgeball is a cost effective activity with high levels of physical activity, what's more is that absolutely anyone of any age group can take part. Dodgeball is a team sport with many great benefits to a persons health and wellbeing. Participating in dodgeball on a regular basis helps control your weight, reduces the risk of heart disease, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduces the risk of some cancers, regulates blood pressure, strengthens lungs, strengthens bones and muscles and improves mental health and mood.

For those people that will be participating and coaching in dodgeball through this project they will have a fantastic opportunity to join a community of dodgeballers within Greater Manchester that is fun and welcoming which in turn will aid them towards leading a healthy and happier lifestyle. A strong community is one full of individuals that care for each other, through this project the level of caring alongside health, support, physical activity, exercise, fun, togetherness and education will be strengthened.

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Sport is a positive tool for the development of people, whether that be through learning, educating or participating, sport can greatly benefit those involved. We are proud that our project involves all of those things and creates a fantastic new opportunity for local people in Manchester.

Location: Greater Manchester, UK