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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We are a local Primary School situated in the heart of Knaresborough and we write to ask for your support with a project that we are currently working on. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and as a result, have pupils here with a variety of needs. Our socio-economic catchment means that a significant number of our children are disadvantaged and in addition to this, many of our children have not met their key development milestones at the time they start with us in Reception. Speech and Language is also becoming an increasing issue in young children due to a variety of factors which again, makes their early educational goals difficult to meet. The pressure on schools currently is immense with attainment and progress needing to be far higher than ever before which only adds to the pressure the educational system is under. With all of this in mind, as a school, we would like to fund a project which will allow us to create a ‘St. John’s Sensory Space’ which we know will enable both children in our school and the wider community, to fulfill their potential by working to address the above issues at the earliest possible stage. Our vision is that this classroom of the future will also be able to be used by the other local primary schools due to our close working links. We have approached a company who have demonstrated the work that they do and we feel that a project like this could benefit each and every pupil here at St John’s and indeed the wider community. Ideally we would like this project to be underway in the new year.
The sensory space that we have researched would promote both the social and emotional needs of those children who have Special Educational Needs as it creates an excellent way to provide a tranquil, calming environment. It also allows us to provide an amazing classroom of the future at the touch of an app for all pupils across school. The class will be created using a combination of large screen projection, interactive technology, dynamic ambient lighting and a range of other special effects equipment to create amazing learning spaces for children in our school. Our pupils can be taken on a journey under the sea, into space or to the edge of a smouldering volcano and back again. When they return to the classroom they can then talk about where they've just been, write about what they have just experienced and remember that experience for the rest of their lives, thus making the whole writing process far more creative, motivating and engaging.
The target goal for our project is £46,000 which we know is a considerable amount of money to raise, so any financial contribution to this really would be greatly appreciated. We have a very active, enthusiastic and passionate PTA who is already fundraising and the total that they are targeting to contribute is at least £3,000. As you can appreciate, we still have a long way to go so really would appreciate your vote. In return for your contribution we would obviously ensure that your organisation is recognised and we would guarantee that our community knows that you are helping us to make our school a better place for our children and indeed, the future generation of our community. We aim to have a grand opening where we would invite the local press as well as key individuals in Knaresborough. To this, a representative from Aviva would be warmly invited. Our website and Twitter account will also recognise all those involved in making this project possible and we aim to have a sponsorship board created for our school which includes details of all those who have helped us on our journey.

We truly believe that having our St. John’s Sensory Space will both enrich and enhance the ever changing and incredibly difficult curriculum for all our children and I would like to thank you in advance for any support you feel you may be able to offer us

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I am proud and passionate about this project because I know that any child who comes to our school will not be disappointed as they will further discover that our education at St. John's embraces academic rigour, enabling them to flourish across all areas of a curriculum tailored to their needs.

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