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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


TALK N CHILL is a creative arts based support group for young women (ages 16-25) who have experienced relationship abuse, witnessed domestic abuse in the home or impacted by the abuse in the lives of their friends and family members.

Talk n Chill aims to decrease social isolation by increasing confidence, empowering self-care and supporting positive physical and mental health - all whilst providing a safe, fun and comfortable environment that allows for open discussion.

The sessions currently run on a monthly basis, and engage young women in a range of creative activities, including arts and crafts, fitness (dance and yoga) and meditation. Boosting both mental and physical wellbeing, whilst engaging in effective and productive conversation with other likeminded young women and trained Youth Realities mentors.

Talk n Chill was designed by a group of young women that have experienced relationship abuse, and needed a safe and informal space to talk about their trauma. I myself experienced abuse from a previous partner at the age of 15. I was attacked, isolated and battling with my self-worth, mental health and general wellbeing. I left my abuser at the age of 17, and have been finding myself ever since.

Youth Realities has supported my own self-healing, through the programmes we run and engagement with have with such amazing young people. Delivering work in schools and communities to raise awareness and educate on
fundamental but such taboo issues, we have found our work to encourage others to seek help, and challenge negative perceptions that prevent people from speaking out.

Working with young women to support their personal development is crucial, especially as many of them are still battling with their mental health, subsequent to their experiences and horrible flash backs, nightmares and anxiety.

We are helping people rebuild broken trust, believe in their abilities and rediscover their worth.

There are currently no other support groups of this kind in the local Colindale area, focusing directly on supporting young women who have experienced relationship abuse, and we have had repeat positive engagement from 20 young women aged between 18-25, since Talk n Chill was launched in May 2018.

We aim to make Talk n Chill a fortnightly session, that has a wider reach to resources for more empowering activities and also means to support young mothers with childcare so they can access the services without worrying aout demanding costs!

We have opened the space to young children with their parents, but this would run once a month, whilst the other session/s will be a child-free space, that allows young mothers to have a relaxed time away from their little ones - to unwind and refresh!

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TALK N CHILL is a safe space that engages young women in productive and effective activities and conversation. Rebuilding your life after abuse is hard; Talk n Chill makes that journey a little smoother with access to support and guidance, in a comfortable environment surrounded by likeminded Women.

Location: Colindale, Edgware, UK