Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Our school is in a very built-up, urban area of inner city London. It is in between a busy main road, a railway track, a tube station and a canal. There is limited safe, green space for local children to relax and play in. Our school is the centre of the community and it's incredibly important to us that we provide the best possible environment for our pupils.
Our playground has been an ongoing project. Over the last few years we have tried to raise money through our school fundraising events but have fallen short of what we really need to make a bigger impact. It is a top priority for pupils, staff and governors.
We have managed to buy some play equipment but we really need some new playground markings. Our outdoor space is very barren and we really want to encourage pupils to make the most of their playtime and to exercise more.
The markings will appeal to pupils - they are bright and attractive, they will introduce new ways to play and new games to try. They will increase levels of activity and also encourage social interaction. We believe this will be positive for all pupils both physically and mentally. There is a lot of research to suggest exercise leads to improved learning and concentration too.
There is a major focus in our school on healthy lifestyles - how to eat more healthily and the importance of exercise. We don't want our pupils to be part of the trend by contributing to the rising numbers of children becoming obese. We have health ambassadors in school, we carefully monitor our school lunch provision and encourage pupils to bring in healthy packed lunches. However we really need to increase the number of pupils who regularly participate in exercise and ensure we have plenty of options. We believe that these markings will appeal to pupils of all ages across the school and make playtimes more enjoyable, and crucially, more active.
Ferry Lane runs a breakfast club, multiple sports clubs, an after school facility and also welcomes a number of user groups into the school. An improved playground would benefit all of these groups and would also be sustainable long-term. It would have a positive impact on our school children as well as the wider community and eventually on thousands of children for many, many years.
We would be extremely grateful to have this investment by Aviva as it would be the final piece in the puzzle that is our playground.

Ferry Lane Primary School

Moment of Pride

Ferry Lane is a small, diverse primary school and nursery. There is a huge community spirit and it is a happy, nurturing environment.
We have a thriving PTA who work hard to support the school as well as a number of groups we welcome into Ferry Lane and so we want it to be the best place it can be

Location: Jarrow Road, London, UK