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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


To prevent and relieve poverty of people who are homeless or at risk of being made homeless due to their disadvantage, social and digital exclusion or other vulnerability, through the provision of goods, support and access to assistance that can help them to develop long-term solution to the challenges they face.

Traveling across the black country and the surrounding areas, providing much needed provisions to the Homeless and vulnerable. Food and toiletry parcels, care packages, clothing, furniture, household and baby items are all essentials, and will be provided by LCP. Also supplying High schools, colleges and women's refuge with much needed sanitary products. Setting up a 'drop in centre’ for physical help (open to all), offering a place, that people are familiar with & are comfortable and ‘feel safe’ in, when talking with social workers, and other agencies staff. A storage unit and office space are also vital for all the work we do for the community and it's people.

Aviva Community Fund can really make a difference, it would be a life changing amount of Money and opportunity for our community, and all who need LCP's hands-on practical and emotional support. With a new Van our team can, on a daily basis, travel and deliver much needed food items to our homeless friends, vulnerable, moms-to-be, and to families who would otherwise go hungry. The 'drop in centre' can provide a place to the more isolated members of our community, elderly, rough sleepers, troubled teens to come and spend time socializing over a free cup of tea & a simple meal. We have volunteers who are happy & eager to provide regular various services e.g. a hair cutting service for those who would find it difficult to spend money on such luxuries. "Please Vote for LCP, thank you in advance"

A new Van, a storage unit, office space and a drop in centre are vital for our services, and will be a life line for so many in our community. There is a great need out there, and it has never been grater than it is right now, everyone including families in employment, and unemployed are struggling with every day basics, benefit changes causes people to live in poverty. For some children the only hot meal they receive in the day, is at lunch time in schools, so many families can not afford to buy food, after all their bills and rent is paid, many do not have any money left over until the next pay day. This is where LCP comes in, providing those much needed provisions such as food and toiletries. No one should go hungry and no one should be without a home. "Please Vote for LCP, thank you in advance"

Hi, my name is Vi Wood, face and founder of LCP - Leslie's Care Packages, which was created on the 24th August 2016, following my own experiences when my Family and I was in danger of becoming homeless, after my dear Husband sadly passed away. LCP has been set up in loving tribute to my late husband Leslie, in his name and memory we are making a massive difference to people's lives. For the past 2 years, I have dedicate all my time and traveled across the region delivering provisions, and with the help of you, the Voter, will do so for many more years to come. LCP is a Non Funded, Nor-For-Profit, Voluntary Group
My full story here:-

We are all only one life event away from homelessness. We all know our health is our top priority- but after that is our housing. Because without adequate housing - our health suffers. Homelessness is not a choice, and can happen to anyone at any time. Homeless are from all walks of life, from failed marriages, loss of jobs, loss of family members, people being abused, and with mental health issues. Homelessness isn't just suffered by rough sleepers. The "hidden homeless" are those living in unsuitable, temporary or crowded accommodation. Homelessness is devastating.

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LCP Leslie's Care Packages

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Leslie's Care Packages is making a real difference to peoples lives, the project will help people to get back into society and work, proud of all the Volunteers who are always ready to lend a helping hand, in anyway, at any time, and anywhere. Kindness inspires Kindness

Location: Stourbridge


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