Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our Limestone Mines and Caverns are an amazing resource that we believe everyone should have the chance to see. But we know that not everyone can come to us, or would know why they should, so wherever possible we try to bring some of our staff and resources out into the community; attending park fun days, giving talks and workshops, representing our charity and generally giving people the chance to experience a little bit of what we do.

With the money from the Aviva Community Fund, we'd be able to do much more outreach work in a project we're calling Tunnel on Tour. We'd like to be able to purchase transportable storage cases for our handling collection so that we can take them out to Scouts, Guides, schools, community fairs and other groups and events. We'd also like to buy some VR equipment so that people can virtually experience our historic boats, canal tunnels and limestone mines. The money will pay for interpretation signs to help us explain with visuals what we represent, and new specialist equipment to help us bring the magic of our globally important site out to the general public.

Tunnel on Tour will enable participation for people who might find accessing our underground heritage challenging for any number of reasons, and allows us to bring activities to people regardless of their age, income, abilities or any other potential barriers.

Shared heritage like this is a massive positive contribution towards bringing communities together. Everyone, no matter what their cultural, socio-economic or ethnic background can relate to the natural wonder of our 428 million year old limestone and the mines cut out by the hands of thousands of manual workers. Through introducing groups to our story, we help people to see common threads that tie everyone together, and encourage them to share experiences that they can treasure forever.

We hope you'll support Tunnel on Tour to bring this fascinating and vitally important cultural heritage offer to anyone who wants to experience it.

Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust

Moment of Pride

Our caverns, tunnels and mines were rescued over 60 years ago by a group of passionate individuals who saw something worth saving and fought for it. Today, their spirit lives on in the passion of our staff and volunteers for this globally importance place and its contribution to the region.

Location: Dudley