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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Grapes Hill community garden group initially aimed to bring together people living in neighbouring West Pottergate, by encouraging them to get involved in turning a formerly undeveloped and overgrown site into an area for the whole community to use for relaxation, mental refreshment, and exercise. We provide and maintain nine deep raised beds, 5 of them designed for wheelchair users, for rent to local people to grow their own organic vegetables. A pre-school group uses the garden regularly and has grown vegetables here for several years.
In the rest of the garden, over 50% of the plants are edible; there are fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, herbs and edible flowers and other plants and shrubs to encourage biodiversity in the area. The garden is open every day for anyone to visit free of charge, and visitors are invited to pick herbs and fruit from the garden, leaving some for other people and wildlife. The garden is run, planted and maintained by volunteers, and the Group runs several different types of event every year to encourage neighbours and those from further afield to visit, to help raise awareness of the garden and to help raise funds. We also encourage our neighbours to exercise by participating in our fortnightly task days for two hours between March and November, learning about cultivation, planting, pruning, composting, mulching and so on. For the first time in 2017, we secured funding to pay a part-time gardener to plan and lead these volunteer sessions hoping to provide a more educative and productive experience. This has been so beneficial that the group is asking for funding to re-employ this gardener and to expand her work in 2018 by adding a mid-week volunteer session to our regular fortnightly Sunday task afternoons. By doing so, we aim to share the health, social and educational benefits of the Garden with a much wider cross-section of the community. Many residents do not have their own gardens, and we are the only growing project located in the district. We have had the support of Norwich City Council in working with the immediate residents having identified a need for community-building in the wider neighbourhood. A £1000 grant would allow the group to pay a part-time gardener up to 10 hours a month between March and September.

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The Grapes Hill Community Garden Group

Moment of Pride

Take a look at photos of this site before 2011 & you would not recognise it. We are proud that it has provided a haven for otherwise housebound people; that volunteers have made new friends and learned skills; & seeing the joy on children's faces playing in a natural space within this urban area.

Location: Norwich