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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Michaela Foundation is based on 5 core values;
• Irish – The love of Irish language and cultural identity
• Faith – The development of trust and a relationship with God who loves us dearly. Michaela foundation is accessible to anyone of any faith.
• Fun – Having fun throughout our life!
• Well-Being – Looking after our mental and physical self and that of others
• Fashion – An expression of our creativity and artistic self
Camp is for girls aged 11-13. Transitioning from primary to post primary, making new friends and developing a sense of self can be tough. This is an impressionable age group, during this time many of our young people experience peer pressure as well as mixed messages dictating how they should look and behave. Volunteer leaders give 80 Campettes an alternative message of hope, inspiration and positivity. Our leaders (23 local community role models) encourage Campettes to recognise and appreciate their true beauty inside and out. Dove self-esteem project held a global study which revealed “6 in 10 girls avoid participating in fundamental life activities because of concerns about the way they look”.
What makes Michaela Foundation Girls’ Summer Camp special and unique is our ‘Life Without Limits’ ethos and variety of activities. Each day at Camp (Mon-Thurs), Campettes will participate in an activity across each of the 5 elements of Fun, Faith, Fashion, Well-Being, and Irish. Campettes will engage in total with 20 different 1 hour activities. Friday is a celebratory day, closing with a final Camp activity, Mass (accessible to anyone of any faith) and a tea party.
At Camp emphasis is placed on having fun throughout our life! Teen and pre teen girls especially often believe that they have to succeed at everything they do, and seem to have created impossibly high standards. Campettes are encouraged to express their creativity and artistic self. Young people today are experiencing more pressure than ever, impacting negatively on their health, friendships and even performance at school. Michaela Foundation in a 2017 post camp survey asked our Campettes did you make new friends at Camp? 100% said yes!
Impact - Campette quotes obtained from 2017 feedback survey:

“The week was fun packed. Meeting different people and learning about myself was amazing” 2017 Belfast Campette
“I had so much fun. I was so nervous about going even though I was with my best friend, but when I got there it was amazing” 2017 Belfast Campette

Our volunteer leaders, 23 local community role models help share our ethos and values outside Camp within their community. At Michaela Foundation we support our volunteers by providing pre camp training in First Aid, Child Protection and our National Leader Training Day. Each volunteer leader also has access to online training material and tutorials to ensure each leader feels confident in each activity they deliver. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, some of whom are at school, university or working. Unemployed Volunteers in particular benefit by enhancing their CV and skill set, gaining new experience & building confidence to return to work.

Michaela Foundation

Positive impact stories make me proud of MF and those young people and volunteers we engage with. Our amazing camp volunteer leaders donate their time and talents so generously & are pivotal to our continued success.
“An inspiring week, where I have made friends for life!” 2017 Belfast Volunteer

Location: Belfast