Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The St Mary Magdalene's Food Bank has been operating since the beginning of March 2015, serving people in need, providing a food parcel consisting of pasta, breakfast cereal, tea bags, pasta sauce, tin of beans, tin of soup, tin of meat or fish and biscuits. In addition we provide a range of fresh vegetables and fruit depending on what we have available. The food we provide comes from donations from various Catholic churches in the area , our own parishioners and the contributions made by the users of our service.
There is a suggested donation to our users of £2.50 in order to sustain the food reserve. However those who are unable to donate still receive a foodbag, to ensure that nobody goes without. The money raised from these contributions is then used to purchase additional food for our clients.
Our client base is such that we are now giving out between 30 and 50 foodbags each week.

St Mary Magdalene's Food Bank

I am proud of this project because it not only fulfils a need in the area, but also because of the friendly cooperative atmosphere that has developed. Several of those who come for food have become voluntary helpers as well as clients. Coffee and biscuits are available and children are welcomed

Location: Maltby