Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Express Arts run three youth theatre groups for young people in the Warrington community, between the ages of 7-16. The groups meet on a weekly basis and are run at the Pyramid Arts Centre and Lymm Village Hall. We were established in 2012, specialising in using drama to develop young people’s confidence, self-esteem and communication skills, giving them the opportunity to perform each year in front of friends and family.

Every year our youth theatre groups come together to put on a major production in Warrington, previously we have done Alice in Wonderland, Macbeth and Great Expectations. However, with raising fees, it is getting difficult every year to cover costs, therefore for this to continue the money used from this funding with cover the Room Hire for the theatre space. This will enable our youth theatre members to gain experience in performing in a professional environment.

We would also use the funding to invest in marketing our three youth theatre groups within the community, supporting us in reaching more young people in Warrington and developing our audiences. We would do this through leaflet distribution, utilising social media with sponsored posts and advertising in local magazines and newspapers.

Project Video

Express Arts

Moment of Pride

Express Arts has come a long way since it started back in 2012. I am very proud of the impact that the organisation has on young people in Warrington, developing self-esteem, team work, trust and leadership skills, enabling young people to realise their potenial.

Location: Warrington