Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Sheffield Rangers under 8 teams are a fantastic group of boys who've been together for a year now. In this time they have worked so hard to develop and improve.

The boys are all from different areas within Sheffield and over the last year they have become such good friends even though some of them don't go to the same schools as each other. New team members have also recently joined the team and have been immediately welcomed and made to feel part of the team.

The Sheffield Rangers are absolutely loving both training and playing matches and most importantly they're having lots of fun at the same time as learning new skills both physically and emotionally.
As well as the obvious health benefits of playing football such as improved, cardiovascular endurance, speed and agility and hand eye co-ordination there are also other benefits such as improved communication skills with other children, adults and referees, improved social skills and also the regular routine is great for the children and being part of the team gives them a sense of belonging.

The boys train together on a weekly basis and they are always keen to listen and learn. They are a fantastic group of friends who always look out for each other and put each other first. Their team spirit always shines through and they always manage to smile come win, lose or draw!

There is no central funding for the team. The volunteers who help coach and manage the team are also parents and they spend valuable family time running the weekly training sessions, organising matches and also attending various courses. Parents pay monthly subs to the club to cover match fees, pitch hire and ground maintenance. We regularly fundraise and seek sponsors for extras like new kits and extra training equipment. Several parents also give up their time at home matches to run a food hut purely to raise extra funds for the team but also sacrificing time watching their own child play whilst they do so.

We would really like the Aviva Community Fund to help us out. A grant of £1,000 would help enable the team to participate in a Seaside tournament in Spring next year. The entry costs plus travel and accommodation would almost be impossible without this grant but it would mean so much to the boys if they could take part. Participating in the tournament would be a fantastic opportunity for the whole team, it would give them a real life experience, give them something fantastic and enjoyable to focus on, help towards improving their self confidence and also help continue to improve the fantastic bond they already have.

Sheffield Rangers U8s

Moment of Pride

I am proud of the way the children, parents coach & the manager all pull together to make the team a success. Without this effort we wouldn't exist. I'm also immensely proud of how the boys always give 100% effort and of how their kindness always shows both on and off the pitch!

Location: Clay Wheels Lane, Sheffield, United Kingdom