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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Campaign for Better Hospital Food will support a movement of engaged patients, families and NHS staff across Greater London by both encouraging them to share their hospital food stories and listening to their experience. Patients are people at their most vulnerable and it can be hard for them to speak out when they face so many other challenges. We aim to give voice to patients and get everyone in the NHS eating better.

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food will appeal for patient views through the development of a mobile-friendly app that will collect views directly from patients, at the bedside or following their time in hospital. This connected community of NHS users will become a Patients Jury and their experiences, images, and ratings – as well as forming a valuable, supportive and shared experience- will create a user friendly ‘trip advisor’ style mapping system across the Greater London area. Now anyone visiting a hospital in this region can search for their NHS England hospital and find the standards of that hospital’s food, patient views on that food and how it can be improved, and compare that hospitals performance with other hospitals in the London region. If successful we would hope to roll this out across other regions of the UK.

This will be a simple interactive ratings system that will allow patients and their families, on phones and tablets, to rate their hospital meal, upload photos and record their feedback on the food they received. This will gather patient’s views to measure patient satisfaction with hospital food. The app will also provide simple information on nutrition and hospital food rules as they stand. They will also be able to compare their views on their meals with the hospitals PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment) assessment of the hospital food, a flawed system and one that maintains artificially high scores for hospital food satisfaction.

We will be able to triangulate this data to analyse whether hospitals with poor patient satisfaction are meeting the government standards for hospital food (half of NSH England hospitals are not) and seek out the commonalities between the hospitals that are performing well.

People rarely choose which hospital they go to – let alone on the basis of the food served there. But this app provides a way to encourage hospitals to improve their food offering and is a vital missing component in our work to improve hospital food standards as such a public way to communicate displeasure or indeed satisfaction with the food does from our experience [insert?] lead to more attention from senior staff, and in turn a greater likelihood of addressing problems when they arise.


Moment of Pride

I am proud to give patients a voice. Despite the positive role of food on health and wellbeing, hospital food is often treated as an afterthought in NHS care. Our project will allow patients’ views to be shared from the bedside, forming a community of supportive voices that together make a change.

Location: London