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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Den is a mixed martial arts and fitness facility in Winsford, Cheshire. We offer several styles of martial arts and fight training such as Muay Thai, B-Jiujitsu, MMA, Karate, boxing and Gound Control. In addition, there are fitness sessions, ladies only sessions and agility sessions for the very young. Each of our coaches are experienced in their field or chosen art. As a team, we put our members at the heart of everything we do. Members have the freedom to float their way around the timetable to find what suits them best. We are lucky to have our own fitness and weights’ suite. Our coaches will never take offence by members wanting to experience new styles and are here to help them make the most of and enjoy their journey through martial arts, combat and fitness. We are a most friendly group and beginners are always welcome.

A number of our members are progressing extremely well and their potential is huge. They are active fighters, training several times a week and have a great winning mentality. Some are working towards being hopefully selected to represent England when they reach the age of ten. At present, we are lucky to have ex European champions and professional coaches working with some of our individuals.

Unless a member has particular sponsorship deal, it is up to the parent or carer to fund the sport. This can be costly with gym coaching sessions, customised protective equipment, clothing, travel, licenses, and competition fees needing to be met.

The Den Muay Thai & MMA

Moment of Pride

The club brings people from all ages and walks of life and gives them the opportunity to develop a lifelong skill and passion for sport. We are in one of the less affluent parts of Cheshire, and we actively bring youth to a genuine England standard, and are hopeful of Olympic success in the near fut

Location: Cheshire, Winsford, United Kingdom