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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Help us to brighten up our playground and create a fun, safe and sensory environment that is accessible to everyone!

Who are we?
Chadsgrove is an outstanding school which is passionate about providing the very best for its 135 pupils aged 2 - 19. The school provides specialist provision to pupils with physical disabilities, many of whom also have additional sensory, learning, health and emotional difficulties. The school is committed to supporting all pupils to not only achieve their academic and learning potential, but to develop self confidence and self esteem, foster independence and prepare pupils for adulthood whilst having fun! This is only possible with the passion, enthusiasm and commitment of all those who support, work and volunteer at the school, the children and their families and the support of the local community.

What's our project?
Our Key Stage 1 playground has been used by hundreds of children since it was installed over 20 years ago, but is now in desperate need of refurbishment. There is an adventure playground for Key Stage 2+ pupils and a small sensory playground for the Early Years pupils that Key Stage 1 pupils have had access to up until now. However, the increasing number of pupils and their increasingly diverse needs (many pupils have complex health needs and require a more accessible and more sensory playground), means it is no longer possible for pupils to share these existing areas. We have already secured funds to resurface the playground and now wish to make it fully accessible and interactive for all pupils by installing a range of sensory activities. Pupils will benefit hugely by having access to a stimulating play environment that encourages physical movement and independence, as well as fostering early play and communication skills. This ensures that they have access to positive experiences, develop their mental health, and most importantly make friends and have fun!

How would we spend the money?
The school have already invested over £15,000 to resurface the playground and build a shelter to create an 'outdoor classroom'. An additional £8,000 would enable us to buy sensory panels for the children to interact and explore, hide and seek panels to develop their play skills, a bench for chatting and relaxing with friends, and a micro world table on which pupils could explore and play with natural and topic resources.

Funding from Aviva would mean that we would be able to complete this project, and the children would be able to access a fun, safe and nurturing space. This would support pupils to develop their physical skills and independence, their social and communication skills and their play skills. These positive experiences enable pupils to develop and build their self-confidence and self-esteem. This new playground would not only be used during the school day but also by holiday playschemes, at family fun days and by other local community groups.
Funding from Aviva really would enable us to provide an inclusive and accessible play environment for all. Please vote for us and help make this project a reality!

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Moment of Pride

Chadsgrove School is an inspiring place to work and study and strives to provide opportunities for developing pupils physical and mental health that go beyond their time in school “The amount of support given to my son is amazing” “Chadsgrove has been the best thing that has happened to our child”

Location: Catshill