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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Funding is desperately needed for an industrial fence to be installed around Connah's Quay Tigers' football ground at Dock Road, to give the children a safe environment to play football.

Volunteers have worked tirelessly to get the ground and pitch up to a suitable and safe standard for the children of the local community to play football on. However, constant vandalism from youths, drug users and quad bikers is destroying their good work and creating a safety risk to the children. Recently we have had to deal with squatters in the changing rooms (where they used one area of it as a toilet), lots of drug taking paraphernalia and broken glass littered around the property.

We are an all inclusive and community based grassroots club providing local children aged between 4 and 18 years, including a disability team, with the chance to exercise in the fresh air, learn new skills and be involved in a team sport. We promote fair play and team spirit across the age groups. We do not hold trials and welcome all children, boys and girls equally, regardless of ability.

Connah's Quay Tigers was founded as a club in 1997 with only one under 12s team. Now, the club has over 100 players with teams in 8 different age groups, and also run a weekly training session for younger children aged 4 to 6 years. Furthermore, we are the only club in the area with a dedicated team for disabled players, which has run for ten years. The club also provides work experience opportunities to local students hoping for a career in coaching.

The Club Committee meet at least monthly and include a Chairman, Secretary, Welfare Officer, Treasurer, Fundraising Officer, and the Managers from each age group. These people are all volunteers, who give many hours of their free time each week to keeping the club going. Their work includes managing the club's finances, ensuring that all coaches are DBS checked and sufficiently trained in first aid and coaching, maintaining our football ground, and of course coaching and managing the teams.

We are heavily reliant on fundraising and our Committee members are also constantly working on ideas and events to raise money for the club.

The Club is always looking for ways to grow and improve, and by obtaining our own football ground our vision is to provide a permanent base for all teams to use for training and as their home pitch for matches, rather than paying extortionate prices for pitch hire elsewhere.

When the fencing is installed and we can be sure that the ground is safe, we also plan to be proactive in promoting the use of the pitch to other community groups and local companies when it is not in use by our teams. Therefore any funding we would be lucky enough to receive would not only benefit our club, but the wider local community too.

Connah's Quay Tigers Football Club

Moment of Pride

We provide any child with the opportunity to play football, no matter their ability. So many clubs hold trials now, even for children as young as five, which can destroy their confidence and put them off playing completely if rejected. We are also the only club in the area with a disability squad.

Location: Connah's Quay