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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Equine Partners provide Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) services, Therapeutic Horsemanship, Pony Share and other groups to meet specific needs. We work with trained volunteers and horses. The horses act as silent intermediaries, acting as teachers in facilitated exercises for vulnerable people of all ages.
Equine therapy is an approach that uses horses to help promote emotional growth. Horses can respond to human behaviours immediately, and give feedback to the participant’s actions and behaviours. The basis of the therapy is because horses behave similarly like humans do in their social and responsive behaviour, it is always easy for patients to establish instant connections with the horse; thus, encouraging calm and considered actions.

We predominantly support families as they develop positive relationships, and when life has been difficult for whatever reason. Those with anxiety, behaviour and abuse issues, mental health issues, and trauma and brain injuries, as well as Special Educational Needs (SEN) such as ADD, autism and delay in mental development, and genetic syndromes, such as Down’s Syndrome, can all benefit from this model. It has been proven to have a significantly positive impact on children who have endured dysfunction and challenging circumstances and where there are attachment difficulties. We also support young people who are self-harming and at risk of suicide, as well as those refusing to attend school. We can build their confidence and self-esteem, teaching them ways to cope with life away from the stables .

Why it is needed:
The End Child Poverty’s coalition reported in November 2016 that,
“In Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, the December 2015 figures show, after housing costs, the percentage of children living in poverty is 4,868 or 24.35 per cent - higher than the region average of 21 per cent.”

A high percentage of referrals we receive are from towns in this region.

Our Beyond Barriers project will help us reach out to local disadvantaged young people, empowering them to have the support they need to equip them to live positive, healthy lifestyles. We want to have the financial resources to enable us help people in need beyond their financial barriers. By empowering us to have the financial resources we need, we can help our ‘at risk’ young people transition out of poverty and negative lifestyle patterns, that put strain on our community and its resources. As the young people and their families, that we have supported, go back into the community, their new self-awareness and increased self-esteem will create a stronger and more resilient community.

To help this project sustain, having our horse care and feed costs covered, along with our rent, will enable us to save a percentage of income from any commissioned sessions. Thus, enabling us to create a discretionary bursary fund for those facing financial barriers in 2019. We will also then be able to use this bursary pot as match funding to attract further funding for 2020.

For us to deliver our ‘Beyond barriers’ project, we need the following support:
To support 3 disadvantaged families a week, we require two staff, one horse handler & one qualified specialist to support the family. We also need to cover the rent costs, care & feed our horses.

The figures:
Annual rent = £7,000
Staff costs -
2 x staff members 1 day per wk x 50 weeks per yr.
£12 per hr x 2 = £24 per hr
24 x 4 hrs = £96 a wk x 50 wks =£4,800
Horse care costs (Feed, hay, insurance, welfare, bedding, training, vet bills) = £12,395 per yr.
Total costs = £24,195

We have calculated that if we run 4-6 sessions per young person
and can invite 3 families a week every Saturday for 50 weeks, we can support
24 disadvantaged young people and their families every year.

Beyond Barriers and our commissioned work during 2019 we will support 250 young people.

Equine Partners CIC

Moment of Pride

Many families come to us in chaos & despair, unable to maintain healthy relationships. In approx 6 sessions, we can help families turn their lives around. The parents are united & confident & the anger in the child dissipates. They can engage in education & fulfill their potential & lead happy lives

Location: Wisborough Green