Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Welcombe Radio is both meeting and creating a need for a community radio. Current funding is project driven leaving little financial support for the administration that not individually expensive, when added up, is significant.
The amount requested of £2,500 is based on the 2017 spend and anticipated budget for 2018.
With funding volunteers feel secure knowing the station is properly financed and their vigour can be spent in what they do well – meeting the station’s objectives.
External funding for operations will be mitigated later in 2018 as we obtain sponsors for programs, presenter’s contributions and membership.

The interest in the station from launch in May 2017 has meant the early aspirations of two days of live programmes has grown to three. Recorded programmes are broadcast at other times.
Fortunately interest from individuals visiting our stands at local events and increased requests for information via our web contact form is giving us a number of new volunteers. Also we are actively looking for further volunteers, for different functions within the organisation. All our Volunteers will have the required training for their role as needed, e.g. health and safety, safeguarding and the required broadcasting standards. This includes guidance in talking to listeners and deal with potential situations arising from direct public contact
The tremendous enthusiasm of our presenters means that the radio is seeing the listener base growing. This is tracked both in the time a listener tunes in and their location.
This increase in listeners is rewarding in that Welcombe Radio is meeting its objectives especially through supporting various organisations to produce their own programs e.g. MENCAP, Springfield Mind, Grapevine.
We are also having increased requests for groups/individuals to start their own programs.
Favourable discussions with local representatives of statutory organisations have led to our input in supporting Stratford Hospital and the Health Flu vaccination program.
We increasingly provide information for the local community including where linked to national and local awareness schemes e.g. the National Scheme supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and the various local events taking place.
Recently many local primary schools got together for a Fun Run. We supported this venture and we will become further involved to support other school ventures both serious and for fun e.g. Jump in a Puddle Day raising monies for children's charities. We support communities to come together, recognise their differences and areas for positive linkage.
Welcombe Radio is internet delivered. Use of the internet is a substantial driver reducing social isolation and we expect to be a part in Digital Inclusion Projects. With our developing partnership program we will be a significant linkage facility.
Local community listeners need to become an interactive part of many of the programs. The programme ‘Welcombe Families’ supports local parents and their children, Springfield Mind and Mencap also have specific audiences that with encouragement benefit by direct input therefore forging links. The facility for listeners to talk to others via the radio will reduce isolation and enable them to express themselves.
Asking for local views on what is being broadcast is a well established format proved by both national and community radios. For example, BBC Coventry, and Warwickshire, BBC5 Live and Touch FM all invite and sustain interaction with audiences. Friends and family can also interact via specific programs. A proposed phone/text system will directly benefit our ability to communicate with our local community. Funding is being sought for this project.

Welcombe Radio can make a real difference by doing what it does well, bringing together so many different groups, charities, volunteers, homebound individuals, etc. that little bit closer together and have a lasting and profound effect on the community.

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Welcombe Radio

Moment of Pride

Welcome Radio is an enthusiastic energetic group with a sense of humour pervading all aspects of the station.
All of us at Welcombe Radio believe we have already made a difference and with funding can continue to have an increasing impact in the lives of many of the Stratford-upon-Avon community.

Location: Stratford-upon-Avon