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Writing on the Wall (WoW) brings the magic of writing to schools through our projects and this year we want to bring this wonder to our annual month-long festival WoWFest18. By programming a children and young peoples’ festival, Scrawl, within schools we aim to diversify our vision, challenge the position of young people in the arts and question how the arts support and benefit young people whilst supporting their creative and educational development.
WoW is a dynamic writing charity that celebrates individual and collective creativity across Merseyside. Working in diverse communities, WoW delivers an annual month-long writing festival and a year-round programme of creative projects and activities. As part of our 2018 WoWFest WoW would like to deliver a schools’ festival, working with schools across Merseyside.
WoW currently deliver a Super Heroes: Words are our Power literacy project in schools that aims to improve literacy, engagement with the arts and raise the confidence and aspirations of school children. This project develops their creative writing skills, looking at narrative and character creation through alternative creative techniques such as writing bursts, providing a great platform to help encourage students of all abilities to think creatively and critically, often challenging the world they live in and the representation of ‘heroes’. The children and young people get to work alongside Marvel writer and illustrator, Tim Quinn, published authors and a hugely successful arts organisation raising aspirations and providing an insight to a diverse industry.
In 2018 WoW would like to develop and dedicate a strand of our festival to children and young people. Using arts based evidence and learning from the Super Heroes project, and our heritage projects, we will curate an inspiring and captivating calendar of events for schools across Merseyside called Scrawl – WoWFest18. Over the course of two-weeks WoW will deliver a series of workshops, competitions and author readings to widen children and young peoples’ view of writing and the arts, accumulating in a showcase held in Toxteth Library. Competitions would include flash fiction writing, poetry and spoken word and ‘best blog’ with workshops held by a varied range of writers from fiction and novels to script writing to blogging and writing for gaming. The showcase will see students visit Toxteth Library for a day of interactive events, highlighting the importance of young people visiting and engaging with cultural venues in their city.
The Festival will not only help children and young people develop their own writing and interests it will also be an opportunity to introduce schools to diverse literature with readings and workshops from both emerging, and accomplished writers. Often the constraints of the curriculum place added pressures on young people to ‘achieve’ in schools meanings creativity and the arts are routinely overlooked in the classroom. In addition, the literature taught in schools is often difficult for children to identify with, not always reflecting their interests or struggles. WoW will work with a broad range of schools, including specialist schools, to bring in diverse literature and writers to provide positive role models pathways for marginalised young people. The festival will allow children to work alongside authors and writers with similar life experiences to themselves, opening up future possibilities and increasing aspirations.
Curating a children’s festival means that WoW can showcase the work that is created all year round and during the annual festival. A number of our festival events would be tailored for schools bringing in writers and social commentators into schools to explore and debate current issues. In our festival last year we had an event named ‘Time for Action’ which saw Guardian journalist Gary Young open the day as keynote speaker. The event was a series of panels and performances form prolific writers and artists, s

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I am proud of the work we have already done in schools and love helping them use their imaginations to create exciting and original work. WoW are an innovative organisation that can bring writing and literature, in all its forms, to life for children allowing them to engage and play with it.

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