Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


There is nothing like the experience of live onstage entertainment, the excitement of an amazing performance, a gripping drama, a dazzling illusion, or a breath-taking song in an enchanted bubble of creativity. Each show is a one-off event, something unique & only shared by that audience & crew.

Local theatre is vital to our community cohesion, because the shared goals of volunteering as a team and time spent together watching shows, sharing emotion brings us closer.

A good night out is essential to our collective mental health, a break from our own stresses, social time with family or friends, to overcome social isolation & reduce loneliness.

A local theatre provides a venue for a lifetime of happy memories.... an unforgettable first trip to the local theatre, perhaps the sparkling & silly Pantomime with the Brownies, or to Youth Theatre, with three or four generations of your family watching together. To watch & cheer on your friends or neighbours to appear onstage, to be inspired to join in & volunteer yourself, even leading to a rewarding hobby or career in entertainment. In later life, attend with great grandchildren, or with a support group as an outing daytrip to an Inclusive Screening.

The Chorley Electric Empire Cinema was built in 1910 + is a rare example of a building still serving it's original purpose in 2017. It was bought & reopened as Chorley Little Theatre in 1961 by Chorley Amateur Dramatic & Operatic Society ( founded 1930 ) Films, Live Music & Comedy were added over the years to create a thriving community run arts venue.

We replaced our seats this Summer (2017) and needed a lot of help to fund it. All our income comes from ticket and bar sales, but we're at the limit of how many shows our volunteers can put on, so have embarked on a fundraising campaign.
All profits go towards the upkeep and improvements to the building.

The entrance door is old, worn out, warped + it is not original to the building.

We want to be as inclusive as possible & we urgently need to improve access to the venue.

The door frame is very narrow & it is difficult to get through it when using a walking frame.

Once inside the auditorium, we had 3 wheelchair spaces. During our recent upgrade, we fitted removable seats to allow even more wheelchair spaces, up to 23, but, getting the wheelchair users through the entrance door & into the auditorium is increasingly difficult. Wheelchairs are bigger now than in the 60's + scooters had not been invented when the door was fitted.

Over the years, tarmac has been laid over tarmac on the path outside & the levels need to match up with the floor inside.

So, we need a new entrance to Chorley Little Theatre, to improve accessibility. The improvements will also help the overall appearance, which will help make the theatre a more welcoming venue for the whole community.

Chorley Little Theatre

Moment of Pride

Since 1961, people have been volunteering in Chorley to put on fabulous shows + upgrade our building. We constantly strive to improve access. CLT is vital to cultural life in Chorley.
CLT is totally the hub of Arts + Creativity in Chorley. We are unique + a fabulous example of Community Spirit.

Location: Chorley