Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Community Solutions, a registered charity, offers a no-charge, one hour class. This class delivers a fun and musically lively session that supports children under 5 years and their parent/carers. The participants enjoy a wide range of activities and exercises which support their physical, emotional and psychological development.

In addition, 'Trumpers Jumpers' classes support the children's cognitive development, enhances educational development and stimulates social and emotional development.

Our aims for the children are:

- That they are healthy;
- To improve the understanding and take-up of healthier lifestyles by the children and their families;
- To introduce a variety of exercises that further stimulate all areas of development;
- To improve interaction, attachment and bonding between the child and their primary carer;
- To improve the children’s response to rhythm and music by using gesture and movement;
- That they enjoy and achieve;
- To improve the development and co-ordination of the children’s gross motor skills.
- To improve the children’s spatial awareness and assist strong exploratory impulses;
- To increase the parents' understanding of their children’s gross motor skills and how they develop;
- That they learn to make a positive contributions;
- To encourage strong engagement from everyone attending the class;
- To increase vocal contributions from the children; and
- To increase the children’s confidence and their positive approach to new activities/exercises.

We want to continue to be able to deliver our 7 weekly sessions through the 6 different locations. Most of these locations tap into the local children centre family reach and accordingly, advertising and attendance are strengths.

We encourage feedback from the families and we respond to requests where possible.

We do not charge for the session. Our no fee policy ensures that the less affluent are to join in and benefit. Tower Hamlets is the borough with the highest rate of child poverty in the country and we hope our work and no-charge policy helps to mitigate this.

Our practitioners really enjoy delivering the classes, and we find their enthusiasm promotes enjoyment by the children and their parents/carers. We often find that the families finish the session ready to embrace the rest of the day in a positive and upbeat manner!

Help us support the next generation in learning to reach for their ambitions!

Please vote for our 'Trumpers Jumpers' project because we know the classes help give the children a really good start in life.

Community Solutions

Moment of Pride

So far we have reached 4,820 families. Initially serving a single community, we now serve the entire borough. Through this project we have also trained and and supported 64 people into employment.

Location: London