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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000



Hitchin Hackspace is a group of makers based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. A Hackspace, or Makespace, is a community-operated workspace where you can make your own projects a reality or help others with theirs. Part of the Hackspace ethos is to repair, recycle, repurpose and reuse materials and technology which might otherwise be thrown away. During our weekly open nights members and non-members work on projects, from electronics to furniture making with all sorts in-between. For some time we have been looking to move to a permanent workspace of our own.

We demonstrated our recycling skills on our recent projects;, a bicycle powered BlenderBike blender for a local community group and Bighak (a ride-on version of the 1970s toy Bigtrak)., Bighak which included in its raw materials satellite off-cuts, an old bed frame and leftover household insulation. We have taken Bighak to several public events, including Makerfaire UK and Derby mini-Makerfaire where it featured on their event flyer, promoting participation in the Maker movement.

Hitchin Hackspace Community Workshop

We have now negotiated with our local council the lease a derelict toilet block. As part of the deal we must renovate the building internally and externally. Transforming a disused, dilapidated structure into a vibrant community hub.

The renovation is funded by member contributions and limited external sources. Members work in their spare time, currently tackling the labour intensive tasks! We have building plans agreed with the council and a budget plan, but currently lack of funds for materials, roof work, accessibility and other specialist tasks.

A permanent space will allow our members to:-
Encourage STEM subjects and 'making' within the North Hertfordshire community
Provide access to tools and knowledge that would otherwise be unavailable to the community
Invest in, and house a range of equipment - from woodworking tools to digital manufacturing tools such as laser cutters and 3D printers which are beyond the budget of individuals
Get involved in outreach work with local schools and youth groups.

Hitchin Hackspace

Moment of Pride

A friendly, knowledgeable and inclusive community group. With their help I have explored Laser cutting, 3d printing and electronics. They are working very hard with limited money to build a permanent community workshop.
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Location: Hitchin