Skills for life

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


In 2001 our beloved scout building, home to 80 children and 20 adults was subjected to an arson attack, destroying the building, and our home for over 50 years.

Since then, all our Scouts, Cubs and Beavers over 2 generations have been very busy fundraising, regularly holding tombola’s, raffles, bag packing etc…and over 16 years later we’ve manged to raise a lot, so much so we’re at a point where we can start building our new home, which is due to the incredible effort put in by all the leaders and children in our community.

We’re very proud that we have raised nearly 90% of the build costs, however, we’re not at a point where we can fully complete the build as we’re still in need of fencing, a car park, equipment and furnishings before we can make use of the building, and we would love to see the building completed within the lifetime of our leaders.

The last scout building in Doncaster was built nearly 2 decades ago. Helping us complete our new building will bring so many benefits to the community of Cantley.

We already have 80 children and 20 adults that are part of Cantley Scouts, however we can’t take on any more children as we simply don’t have the resources, a new building would allow us to double our capacity, leading to more children and adults that we can bring into our family and teach new skills, which they can bring into adulthood and employment, and meet some new friends along the way.

The building would not only be used as a scouting facility, but a community one too, with several groups already interested in holding sessions for different activities once built.
We also intend to use the building by offering the following facilities to the community:

• Hosting community groups to allow collaborative think groups to improve the area
• Start a dinner meet & greet mixer for the elderly once a week to help the vulnerable from feeling lonely, and to make friends and build relationships.
• Councillor drop in centre to voice concerns and ask questions
• Parenting skills workshops, a lot of young & vulnerable families are in the area, this would help bring some skills and build better families
• Employment workshops – more chances for employment leads to greater incomes and more positive communities
• Youth Café, a place for children to meet and socialise and bring them into a safe environment
• IT Classes – to help address skills shortages
• Food Banks– Our nearest is Thorne road which is a long distance away

We consulted with the public on the design of the building along with it’s viability and potential uses, and regularly provide updates in the local press and social media as to the progress. We’ve even help several “Big Clean-up” projects sessions, where members of the public, local businesses and other volunteers came to help us clear the land where our old building once stood. This saved us over £12,000, and was a great community group effort with many new friends made reminiscing about the old building and how it was the centre of the community.

The project has the backing of our 2 ward councillors, along with our mayor and MP, we all want this project to happen as it will bring lots of community groups together, not just through scouting, but from all the wonderful facilities the building can offer. The plot of land itself is derelict as has been for a number of years, and is currently a spot for trouble, however a new building with revitalise not just the grounds, but the surrounding neighbourhood too, an area that is in dire need of investment.

Our building work started on the 3rd Oct 2017, as is expected to be completed by March 2018 subject to raising the additional funds we so desperately need. Please take a look at our project page at where you can see the huge amount of work that’s gone into getting us this far

Project Video

58th Doncaster Scout Group

Moment of Pride

I'm very proud to be part of the scouting family and help lead them to their goal of re-building their headquarters. They have worked so very hard for nearly 20 years, every single week fundraising. The leaders are getting older and are well into retirement, I can't wait to see their life dream

Location: Everingham Road, Doncaster, United Kingdom