Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The £1000 would be used to create an outdoor musical performance area to enrich the school playground. Music is an excellent way of expressing yourself, communicating and building self-confidence. Having outdoor musical instruments in the playground will offer children cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities for all ages and abilities. The children will learn to share and cooperate together as they play the instruments together. This is particularly important for those children who do not wish to join in running games during playtime and gives them a different opportunity to express their creativity. Children have had the opportunity to plan what they would want in this space and their ideas would be incorporated into the final design. We’ve included a couple of their drawings.
The school is increasing in size year on year and recent building work has reduced the size of the playground, meaning more children have less space in which to play. It is therefore important we utilise all available outdoor space as efficiently as possible. This project will re-design a currently unused area, opening up more of the outdoor space to pupils.
As a primary school of 250 pupils the vision is to enable children to:
•Be happy, confident and challenged.
•Prepare for later life.
•Be enquiring and eager to learn.
•Demonstrate a caring attitude to each other and the environment.
•Be cooperative, tolerant and supportive.
Developing this area and thus improving the outside space would be a really positive step in working towards this vision and greatly enhance the facilities at the school.

It would benefit the current 225 school pupils and 32 staff, and as this facility would last for many years it would benefit successive generations too. In addition the school would be happy to open it up to the community so local groups such as Brownies and Scouts and the on-site not-for-profit nursery. You should vote for our project to make our children’s dreams a reality and improve our rural school.

Friends of Kirk Fenton

Moment of Pride

I’m proud of our rural community which works together to make positive changes to our environment. The pupils have identified a need for this facility and we need to support them to make their idea a reality. Friends of Kirk Fenton works hard to improve the facilities at the school.

Location: Church Fenton