Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Hub BT80 is an innovative, volunteer charity, established nearly 5 years ago when a small group of local people recognised the need in our community for a neutral, welcoming and all inclusive space for a variety of activities, primarily the art & music, but also health and well being, education and personal and community development.

The Hub is spearheaded by a local woman Carol Doey who was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) by The Queen in Her Majesty's Birthday Honours in 2015. and in 2017 The Hub was awarded The Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

The Hub's core belief is that the arts in particular will help our participants to achieve more, obtain new skills and provide for a more cohesive community. The Hub supports people of all ages to become more confident, self sufficient, prevents isolation and builds community among a diverse range of service users.

Partnership working with other organisations is central to the functioning of The Hub and at present the premises are used by many various organisations e.g. National Autistic Society, Alzheimers Carer Support Group, Aware Defeat Depression and there are numerous activities undertaken at The Hub including tea dances for the elderly, family yoga, music, community choir,arts and crafts.

The Hub has become a central focal point for all members of the Community and additional funding would be used by the group in several ways -:

1. Helping to cover staff income and running costs of the premises.

2. Providing additional resources for the annual Xmas day dinner when upwards on 100 members of our community are provided with a Xmas meal and a gift. Trevor Wilson, a local Councillor summed up the impact of this programme in a recent newspaper article where he stated, "For the past three years, volunteers have provided dinner and entertainment on Christmas Day for over 100 elderly people who might otherwise have spent the day alone. The community has supported The Hub since its inception and the positivity it has provided for so many, is immeasurable

3. Allow The Hub to target 100+ new volunteers (for the local community) and provide the premises and courses (stewarding / first aid / child protection/ social media training / marketing) to enable the ongoing sustainability and positive value added to the community and local organisations through The Hub.

4. Helping fund the Cookstown Carnival 2018 - an inclusive, fun, free family event for everyone in Cookstown and it's surrounding communities.

The Hub BT80 hosted the inaugural Cookstown Summer Carnival on Friday 30 June 2017. A carnival parade made it's way through the town with upwards on 50 different groups in attendance ( e.g. Gaelic Clubs, Football Clubs, netball club, hockey club, cycling club, folk music bands, Team Aspie a group of young people with aspergers, local businesses etc).

There was a safe pedestrianised zone for the finale of the parade and for the delivery of children's entertainment and stage entertainment. It is estimated that over 6000 people were in attendance and the aim in 2018 is to have in excess of 10,000 people in participating in the Carnival / in attendance.

It would be anticipated that the impact of any funding would be very evident in that The Hub will be the central point for the organisation of the Carnival but that each of the local Clubs / community groups / organisations who take part in the Carnival will be able to have people trained through the volunteering courses that the Hub will host, hence providing cover on the night for marshalls / stewards / first aiders and the long term impact is that we will be increasing the volunteer base in our local Community / Clubs.

The brand identity for Cookstown as the Retail capital of Mid Ulster is Looking Good, looking great and The Hub want to provide courses, events, opportunities for all our local people in a fun and interactive way to make sure that we all are feeling good, feeling great!

The Hub BT80

The time, dedication, effort, motivation and willingness of The Hub volunteers is exceptional and The Hub has made a very positive impact on our local community.

Location: Mid Ulster, United Kingdom