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Funding level: Up to £1,000


The 4th Streatham Sea Scouts Group was founded more than 100 years ago and has had an exciting and continuously successful history, providing thousands of young people with the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from scouting. We are based in Streatham, an area of south London with more than its fair share of poverty, crime, gang-related violence and drugs, and so our aim is to provide a framework to help young people to take a constructive place in society through mental, physical and spiritual development. Great opportunities are available to any young person who wishes to 'go for it' with a degree of commitment.

Whilst several other scout groups in the area have disbanded due to lack of interest or volunteer support, 4th Streatham is thriving and we even have short waiting lists for some of our sections. Currently, we have 165 scouts altogether, ranging from Beavers who join at 5.5 years old to Explorers, who stay on until they are 18. Girls make up a growing number of our membership - 29% at the moment.

As a Sea Scout group, we offer opportunities throughout the year to take part in nautical sports activities and are fortunate to have access to facilities and a boathouse on the Thames at Putney. We like to make sure that every scout holds the basic nautical skills badge and can then progress on to the rest of the nautical skills and water sports badges. Our qualified instructors can train interested scouts in pulling/rowing, power boating and kayaking. Rowing helps to develop team work, confidence and leadership skills - as well as being great fun!

With our growing number of members, we have recently overhauled one of our old boats, returning it to service. All we need now are some new oars and life-jackets. The boats have traditional admiralty oars which are made in Oxford and are robust enough to withstand the punishment given to them by generations of enthusiastic scouts. Life-jackets are an essential piece of equipment for any Sea Scout Group and so we would like to buy ten children’s jackets and six for young adults.

In total we are fundraising for:
Set of four oars: £696
10 children’s life-jackets: £140
6 adult’s life-jackets: £150
Total £986

This equipment will benefit not just the 165 scouts who are currently members but also many more that will join in the future. For many of our sea scouts, living in an inner city area, this will provide their only opportunity to try out boating and the benefits that they will get are numerous: being adventurous and risk-taking; having fun and getting some exercise; learning how to take charge of a situation and recover from mistakes; working as a team; building friendships out of school; developing independence and self-confidence in a safe space away from their family.

We believe there is something magical about the 4th Streatham, and being part of the change that society needs, and we hope that people will vote for our project and help a new generation of young people in Streatham benefit from all that sea scouting has to offer.

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4th Streatham Sea Scouts Group

Moment of Pride

4th Streatham Sea Scouts is not just a group; it’s the change and the chance that so many youngsters need in an area of London affected by gangs and drugs. I am so proud of the way our scouts work with and support each other, often choosing to continue as Adult Leaders and help future generations.

Location: Riggindale Road, London SW16 1QH, United Kingdom