Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We want local people to teach other local people the skills they need to live more environmentally-friendly lives.

We know lots of people *want* to do the right thing for the planet, but they don't always know *how*. They want practical guidance. By sharing skills, we can help others learn the skills they need to grow & cook planet-friendly food, to cut their home energy use, cut air pollution by driving less, and learn to repair broken things. Our sessions will be run by local people for local people, sharing their knowledge and having fun along the way!

With your funding we will run a varied annual programme of skills-sharing events;
* in April, run a day-long community "Know How Festival" full of bite-sized training sessions,
* from late spring to early autumn, run a series of "open food gardens" where people who grow fruit & veg show how it's done,
* in the summer, run a Bike Day to get people cycling and able to make simple bike repairs,
* from autumn to early spring, run regular thermal camera training sessions (plus lending out our camera), so people can spot heat loss from their homes,
* pilot vegetarian food cookery sessions, to teach people how to cook with a less meat-based diet,
* pilot "repair cafe" sessions, where people learn how to make simple repairs,
* run sessions to help people start "Playing Out" in their streets, where children come out to play through regularly road closures.

We will run these skills-sharing event across St Albans district, including Harpenden and the villages, so they are within reach of all parts of the district.

Transition St Albans have a strong track record at running skills-sharing sessions like these; our volunteers have been sharing their skills regularly since we started in 2008. Our sessions are friendly and informal, making it easy to learn, leading to people making practical changes. We have also created and twice run the award-winning Sustainable St Albans Week, reaching thousands of local people and giving us a real presence in the district.

Your funding would allow us to grow significantly the work we do, running more skill-sharing sessions during the year and a greater variety of events. We already have some of the funding we need for this programme; additional Aviva funding would help us do far more.

Aviva funding will pay for the sessions themselves (e.g. room hire and materials), specialist trainers where needed, marketing the events (website, social media, posters and fliers), plus insurance and expert first-aiders where required. Your funding would also help pay for some hours to coordinate the programme of activities, although our costs are kept low because nearly all the sessions will be delivered by volunteers.

With this programme of skills-sharing, we aim to reach 700 local people to teach them a new skill. Each person will be able to use their new knowledge to live a more sustainable life. Many of these changes also cut running costs at home (through savings on electricity bills, petrol bills, food shopping, and buying new things to replace broken ones).

Below, we have set out a budget. We very much hope you will support us. With your help, we can support our community to make positive changes to live more sustainably. Thank you!

Outline budget:
* Venue hire, refreshments & materials for community Know How Festival = £600
* Bike Day activities (e.g. bicycle smoothie maker, simple bike repairs) = £500
* Venue hire, refreshments & materials for other sessions @ £50 x 18 = £900
* Marketing (incl. graphic design, fliers, posters, banners, social media) = £1,200
* Insurance and first aid (St John Ambulance or similar x 2 events) = £600
* Local trainers for vegetarian cookery sessions and repair cafes @ £100 x 6 sessions = £600
* Coordination = £2,500
* Contingency = £100
TOTAL = £7000
Funding from other sources = £2000
Aviva funding = £5000

Transition St Albans

Moment of Pride

We love our district, and we want it to be sustainable, so people can love it for generations to come. We're proud of how we support local people to make small practical changes; these changes add up, and really help the environment.

Location: St Albans