Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our growing therapy service has had such a positive impact on the school community that we would like to share it with the wider community. Mental Health services are under so much pressure that help is rarely available. Only the most severe cases can expect to get seen and there is no help for ordinary families needing a little bit of help or someone to talk to. Children are especially vulnerable and when parents and families are suffering, then children do too. Helping families to have happier and more secure relationships increases mental health and benefits the whole community.

Our experiences are very much a part of who we are and difficult - even ordinary - life events can create painful feelings which can become unbearable when we have our own children and are managing the everyday stresses of family life. This can interfere with our ability to understand and manage our family relationships and leave us feeling frustrated, angry, helpless and alone.

Our aim is to provide a regular, weekly drop in session for families and the community to access some of the specialists we have available in the school. There will be a chance to chat over a cup of tea with other parents, the school’s Family Champion, or to have a brief 20 minute one-to-one session with one of our therapists. If needed, extended one hour sessions, or even a 6-session block, can be arranged to work through some of the more difficult experiences and emotions which may be getting in the way of relationships within the home. A creche will be provided to entertain preschool babies and children.

Each month, a therapist or child development expert will give a talk and lead a discussion on a relevant topic, such as “Managing and Understanding Tantrums”, “Why doesn’t my child sleep?”, “Children who don’t eat.”, “My children won’t listen to me!”

Our therapists are experienced and qualified in working with young people and families and are trained in child development. They have studied the effects of all types of trauma on the mind and body and provide a safe and empathic space to think and work creatively.

Aviva funding will allow us to provide:

Family Champion on hand to chat and signpost suitable help.
Individual sessions and counselling with Therapists.
Talks by visiting experts.
A creche with suitably qualified staff
All of the above each week for 1 year (possibly stretching to 2)

Annual cost:
32 weeks (allowing for Bank holidays and first weeks of term)

Therapist: 2hrs x 32 x £40pw = £2560 (every month an hour is given over to a talk and discussion, the rest of the time to ‘clinic-style’ hours.)
Visiting speaker: 3 x £150 = £450
Family Champion: 2hrs x 32 = £64.68 x 32 = £2069
Creche: 2hrs x 32 = £21.80 x 32 = £607.60
6 week therapy blocks 16 x £240 = £3840
Tea, coffee refreshments annually= £473.40

Great Linford Primary School Fund

Moment of Pride

We care deeply about the community and we are constantly looking at ways to support the children and families as well as the community that surrounds it. We have a growing therapy service, providing Psychotherapy and Play Therapy for children who have had difficult and painful life experiences.

Location: Great Linford