Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


What the funding is for:

We are applying for funding to offer our Connect with Respect educational and preventative programme for Children, Young People and Young Adults. This will be offered to Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities in South Gloucestershire and Bristol. Our Outreach Workers will deliver assemblies, workshops and staff awareness sessions around healthy and unhealthy relationships. We will inform children and young people about respect within relationships and enable an understanding of individual boundaries. We will adapt our training styles to the ages that we are working with and have expertise of working with those from 4 - 25 years of age.

How many people will benefit:

We anticipate to be able to support approximately 2,000 children, young people and young adults per year across South Gloucestershire and Bristol.

Why vote for us:

There is a real need for specialist support for children, young people and young adults. Department of Health (2005) estimated that over 750,000 children and young people are living in homes with domestic abuse in the UK. Ofsted (2017) identified that 1 in 5 school aged children are witnessing and experiencing domestic abuse. Delivering educational and preventative programmes within school settings, enables these children to identify and understand what they are experiencing is abuse, access essential specialist support and begin to recover from their experiences.

What we achieve:

Through our essential specialist support, we are able to achieve the following outcomes:

Over 80% of Children and young people will have a greater understanding of domestic abuse.

Over 80% of young people will have increased understanding of how to stay safe and where to get help.

Over 70% of young people will report an improvement in mental and emotional well-being.

100% of young people will have a safe, confidential space where they can be listened to and be heard

At Survive we offer specialist ongoing support for children and young people, to develop healthy relationships, overcome and recover from abuse that they have experienced and empower them to develop into strong, positive adults

Survive South Gloucestershire and Bristol

Moment of Pride

I am incredibly proud of Survive. Our team reaches out daily to children and young people who are experiencing abuse within the home and those who are in unhealthy peer relationships. Our team are exceptionally skilled at empowering children and young people to access support and begin to recover.

Location: South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom