Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Ermine Music is an organisation the provides a social hub for people across the estates to come together to create a range of music and express themselves in all different ways. Ermine Voices is the flagship choir for the organisation performing a variety of pop, rock, gospel and fun up-lifting music. The choir is a non auditioned and everyone is welcome regardless of musical ability. A professional musical director leads workshops every week working towards performances in front of some hundreds of audience spectators. A different arm of the organisation is the outreach project that currently works in two local primary schools, hosting workshops as an extra curricular activity. Each school has large groups of over 30 pupils who choose to attend every week.

Extra funding would allow us to expand the project to its full potential of including many more schools in its outreach project (8 in the local area), which will ultimately lead to creation of a local youth choir. Not only being able to represent the community and the area, but to create more ways to change peoples lives (youth and parents). Funding would also allow for greater projects to be undertaken with Ermine Musics flagship choir. Finances currently heavily restrict the opportunities of the choir and the people in the area who often suffer from projects collapsing due to finance.

The Ermine Estate is a major 1950s council estate in north Lincoln, comprising extensive social housing. The estate falls within the third most deprived ward in the city and the sixty-fourth most deprived in the midlands; the most recent index of deprivation show that there are only three schools with a lower rating in the county than Ermine Primary Academy. The ward also has the highest proportion of retired people in Lincoln; more than a third of households are in fuel poverty. Locally, people suffer from a poor self image and lack of opportunity and aspiration in their lives.
This project will create new confidence and pride in the community, grow new relationships and social networks outside of the project, with inter-generational understanding and provide sustainable social cohesion, encouraging local identity.
Our pilot project has shown the benefit of such an initiative and has been highly successful, but we need to be able to build on this success to develop the project further and to make deeper impact on the area and on the lives and aspirations of the young people of the area.

Ermine Music

Location: Sudbrooke Drive, Lincoln LN2 2EF, United Kingdom

Ermine Music (EM) is a key part to the community across the Ermine & St.Giles Estates. Other organisations have faded over the years, however EM has stayed and is makes huge differences to peoples lives. The group have made life friends and there is the beginnings of change social and domestically.
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