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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Frances enjoys bouncing. She comes from a competitive family so loves to compete. She loves to be part of a team, travel with her friends, meet new people and set new goals. In the trampoline club she belongs to over 23% of its members have a learning or physical disability.
Karen, her head coach has been trying to find suitable competitions but with the range of disabilities of the young people in her club the opportunities do not seem to exist- its either rebound (very low impact) or national level with nothing in between! Competitions at home are pretty good fun but they want to arrange something bigger and better with all ages and abilities mixing together; with people coming from lots of other clubs. They want to have a photographer, printed t shirts, team hoodies and medals. They aim to run a series of four events- 3 qualifiers and a grand final. Something to work towards and something to look forward to. A venue has been secured. A farmer has been volunteered (by his wife) to move the trampolines from home to the venue, a posse of fathers have agreed to lift and carry. There are mums poised to look after the judges every needs, sell cakes, sell programmes and tidy up. We have DofE volunteers, young leaders and of course the coaches, judges, officials and children. Local companies are being approached for sponsoring classes and everything is on track except that these events are not cheap to run and that is why we are seeking an award of £1000 to make this happen. The money would be well spent when you consider there could be upwards of 300 competitors per event. We are passionate about trampolining and want to share that passion.

Ricochet Community Sports Club

Moment of Pride

The club is totally inclusive. There are no barriers. If you want to bounce, you can bounce. Its not about the wheelchair or the guide cane its about having fun. We want to give everyone the thrill of competition and everyone in the club, their parents, family, friends and local businesses will help

Location: Banbury