Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


TIGER is a Bristol-based, not-for-profit workers’ co-operative, which works with young people to challenge sexism and gender inequality in society. We work with local schools and youth groups, running interactive, inclusive, inspiring and fun workshops with young people with a range of needs and abilities. We think it is important to start talking about issues related to gender from an early age, challenging potentially damaging stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours at an age when they are first being formed, in order to improve wellbeing, confidence and positive mental health, which in turn raises educational attainment and aspiration. For this specific project we would like to expand our workshops to work with primary school ages.

To date, we have worked with thousands of young people. From the 660 evaluation forms we have collected; 87% of young people enjoyed the workshops and 83% left knowing more about the subject of gender inequality. We also found that 52% of young people have experienced or witnessed sexist or sexual bullying at school and 84% think that gender inequality is an issue for young people, which shows how much work is still required. For this reason we wish to develop our programme by expanding our work to primary schools. Gender stereotypes are formed and cemented from a frighteningly young age (as the recent BBC documentary 'No More Boys and Girls' and a 2017 Global Early Adolescent Study reveal) and therefore we believe that children of this age need support to recognise and resist these stereotypes in order to grow up with the equal opportunities and respect they deserve. With this funding we would deliver a new programme of workshops designed specifically for working with primary ages. The school curriculum currently doesn’t include compulsory education on gender and teachers often feel under-qualified to talk about these issues. This is where TIGER can step in. We would aim to work with 5 schools over the course of an academic year, focusing on year 6 students. We believe the role year 6 students have as role-models to the younger children means that what they learn in our sessions will be passed down to younger students, thus increasing our impact. We estimate that our workshops will directly reach 250-300 children.

Further to this, we would also use the funding to generate online resources for young people and teaching staff. We would like to be able to share TIGER’s accumulated knowledge base throughout our community and beyond, and we feel that creating a bank of resources online is an effective way to do so.

We believe educating about gender equality will help make our community a better place for all. By working in schools we automatically reach into the community’s heart. Positive messages which students are exposed to are passed on to peers, family and the wider community. This is based on the idea that young people’s lives are surrounded by 3 different ‘tiers’ – the Microsystem (friends, family), the Mesosystem (school, teachers, neighbours), and the Exosystem (wider community). The connection between tiers ensures our project has a ripple effect across them to benefit the whole community. When this is combined with the new online resources, our project will indirectly reach thousands of people across the community.
Our community also benefits through direct involvement in our project through the use of volunteers. We have recently completed our latest round of volunteer recruitment and training. These individuals are gaining new skills in workshop planning and delivery, and running a community project.
We require funding as TIGER currently relies on a huge amount of volunteer person-hours. Sadly this is not sustainable as not being paid means we can’t commit enough hours to expand TIGER into a permanent operation. A funding boost would allow two TIGER members to work part-time in co-ordinating this new primary school project, which in turn would feed into our long-term strategy.

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We are community led, primarily by unpaid volunteers, motivated by providing a platform for a diverse range of young people to voice their perspective and fight gender based barriers, thus improving their wellbeing and mental health and helping them become the people they want to be.

Location: Bristol