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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


LAMP has a provided advocacy and advice to people across Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland , who experience poor mental health for almost 30 years. However those caring for patients, some of whom have complex and long term conditions get very little recognition and often go under the radar. It is recognised that caring for someone with mental health issues will have a direct impact on the well-being of both the main carer and wider family.

The Carer's Support Programme will provide advocate led training to increase well-being, understanding and confidence, and empower carers beyond the life of the project. Our training measurably strengthens carers resilience, enabling them to support others through balancing pressures and expectations whilst caring for someone. LAMP's early intervention and prevention will reduce the needs of cared for people, reducing the impact on health and social care services.

The programme consists of structured weekly 3-hour sessions for six weeks. and if successful we intend to use funds to run two full programmes within the next 12 months.The course is designed to support carers through greater involvement, peer support and confidence building over an extended period, to allow room to focus on complex issues.

Week 1) Where are you now? Introduces attendees to ground rules. Using exercises attendees describe their current situation to others. Attendees are provided with a notebook to keep a diary of experience, enabling reflection at subsequent sessions.

Week 2) Where do you want to be? Group reflection on diary of experience. Attendees identify personal challenges, displayed anonymously leading to a discussion on challenges and coping mechanisms.

Week 3) Taking care of Yourself. Group reflection and exercise to identify how to maintain carers health and well-being.

Week 4) Coping Strategies. Group reflection, printed scenarios are used to prompt discussion on experiences with coping. An introduction to information support services where attendees can access further support.

Week 5) Finding your voice. Group reflection; case study for group discussion on the roles of other professionals. Exploring communication approaches e.g. psychiatric verses psycho-therapeutic.

week 6) Using your voice. Group reflection, self advocacy training e.g. assertiveness when explaining needs. Exercise to identify carers advocacy needs. Feedback and evaluation introduction to further support needs.

Outcomes for carers

Stronger emotionally
Learned coping strategies
Better understanding of mental health illnesses
Able to advocate for themselves
Reduced isolation, mixing with peers
Less likelihood of having to access medical intervention for themselves.
Able to support others

Outcomes for service users

Stronger carer so better able to care for person with mental distress
carers able to recognise and cope with relapse

Out comes to wider community

Less stigma around mental distress and mental ill health
Reduced pressure on both health and social care services
Less use of crisis response - emergency call out - including police and ambulance
Greater access and awareness of local support services and how to access these

Leicester Action For Mental Health Project (LAMP)

Moment of Pride

LAMP, is independent and promotes good mental health for those living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. LAMP believes that if you use mental health services, you should have a say in service delivery. We believe that if you are caring for someone in mental distress you should be listened to

Location: Leicester