Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


As a result of security concerns we have recently erected fencing and gates around the Group HQ - a wooden building at risk of vandalism. This fencing has involved the provision of two separate access gates for personnel, both of which give access via sloping and un-paved ground. This has given rise to several people expressing concern over possible health and safety problems for elderly and infirm visitors. We have therefore obtained a quotation from a local contractor for the provision of these essential works in the sum of £2,625.25 which include paved pathways, and ramped accesses with landing areas for wheelchair users.

1st. Cogenhoe Sea Scout Group

Moment of Pride

Our Sea Scout Group - Number 79 of just 100 with official Royal Navy recognition - founded in 1964 is as thriving today as it was 53 years ago with a total of 40 members, both girls and boys. Many leaders, helpers and supporters have given the group their enthusiastic assistance over 30+ years.

Location: Cogenhoe