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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are Charles Darwin Nursery; a new nursery school in the heart of Norwich City Centre, that has been open since September 2016. Our children range from the ages of six months to four years. Our first year at Charles Darwin Nursery has been a huge success, and we are proud of what we have accomplished so far.

Now that the first successful stages of setting up a high quality indoor environment have been achieved, we cast our focus upon what we can improve next: our outside area! We have started to consider the ways in which we can offer inviting exciting resources and an inviting environment by installing a raised bark area, a sandpit, a wooden Wendy house, a wooden kitchen and a veranda. However, due to our location and the site previously being offices, we have struggled to finish converting our outside area into and outstanding nursery garden to help all children flourish. We are hoping to gain some funding from the community to help us achieve our final goal of having an exceptional outside learning space that all of our children can access.

Our vision for our outside learning space is to have a 'grassy area' as currently it is all concrete and therefore not ideal for our younger children. We would also love a 'muddy' area to go with our wooden kitchen to enhance the children's imaginative play. To accompany the muddy area, we would also like to have a 'water world' so the children can explore and experiment to help with early maths and science concepts. Thank you for considering our project!

Charles Darwin Nursery

Moment of Pride

Our children are amazing, and deserve the highest quality learning environment. Staff are enthusiastic and always hold the children's best interests at heart, meaning that they often go above and beyond; volunteering their own funds and free time to contribute towards the children's learning.

Location: 81 Rose Lane, Norwich NR1 1DJ, United Kingdom