Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


LIPA Primary School children have been working hard over the last year to improve their school grounds. The children have made a wonderful sensory garden for their school.

They did this with through creative workshops, where each child was consulted about their ideas, informing decisions about how to make them happen. This helped the children to take ownership of their school grounds and they are very proud of their garden, which was noted in the recent Ofsted report: Pupils are proud of their school: "Our school is really safe. We have a garden, a greenhouse, and lots of plants growing."

They have worked with the wider school community and conservation groups to improve the school grounds. This is because the school is situated in the inner city of Liverpool. One problem that they are working to address are the high levels of air pollution. Recent World Health Organisation data states that this impacts upon child development. ‘ Worldwide, 11-14% of children aged 5 and older currently report asthma symptoms and 44% of these are related to environmental exposures’.

We care about this, and are creating green screens and enhancing biodiversity around the school by planting trees and plants across the school grounds.

The children love spending time in the sensory garden, growing and tasting food, learning about the wild flowers and the huge variety of herbs that they have grown. We want to help them to continue this valuable work, and to teach the new children how to look after their garden, and connect with the natural world. They are learning new skills, working creatively as a team, and improving the health and wellbeing of the whole school.

They are now working on a mud cafe play area and a summer cover for their Geo Dome outdoor classroom. We will help them to design and make these, and to continue growing and improving their wonderful garden, using up-cycled materials. They will love learning ore about eco-systems, discovering more about about the natural world, and being delighted by the bugs, birds and bumble bees that visit the garden!

Arts For Nature

Moment of Pride

We are incredibly proud of this project. The children have led the process and created a wonderful garden. Their hard work has paid off, and they have created a green space with lots of vibrancy, sensory plants, food and wildflowers. They are keen to share their new skills with the younger children!

Location: Liverpool