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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


The UK has one of the worst rates for social mobility rates in all the developed world. Almost 4 million children in the UK today are living in low-income households. These young people face many barriers beyond their control throughout their early lives that have a significant impact on their future. For example, young people from low-income homes with similar GCSEs to their better-off classmates are a third more likely to drop out of school at 16, and for those that do continue in education they are 30% less likely to study A-levels that could get them into a top university. All of this means that just one out of every eight young people from low-income backgrounds go on to become a high-income earner later in life. Even for those that do fulfil their potential; get good qualifications and progress into professional careers, they are paid on average £6,800 less per year than colleagues from more affluent families.
This is what low social mobility means for real people, every day. Communities across the UK, not just in the north, are being left behind. Not only is it not fair, it is also an incredible waste of talent and ability.
Villiers Park Educational Trust is tackling this. Working from within communities we are supporting able young people to build the skills, qualifications & networks that are vital for success throughout life. Everything we do is about supporting young people to build these core skills, so that they can thrive throughout their education and careers.
We need your help to fund our skills workshops for our Year 12 students as they go on to Year 13 (aged 17 to 18) across the six communities we work in: Crawley, East Lancashire, Hastings & Bexhill, Norfolk, Swindon, and Tyneside. We have identified 20 personal qualities and behaviours that we call Skills4Success. This funding could provide 180 students with a skills focused workshop in the spring, where they continue to gain and build those key Skills4Success, as well as a residential visit in the autumn to focus on preparing for higher education. At this autumn residential we will be particularly focusing on vital financial skills that are essential for young people to develop as they move away from home and begin to manage their own finances. Students will undertake a workshop and receive a toolkit to take away and use in their everyday lives. The toolkit is so good, and affordable, that we would also use this funding to provide every student we work directly with nationally (nearly 2000 young people) with a copy.
Excitingly the funding would also mean we could run our UCAS-recognised project, INVOLVE, with our 180 regional students where they design, develop and deliver a project within their schools and communities to further develop their own skills and pass on new skills to their peers and younger students. This means that we can reach around 2000 other students and young people in a meaningful way.
Your vote would mean that 4000 young people from all over the country would receive support, advice & training to help them achieve their full potential and thrive throughout their education and career.
Our work is proven to significantly improve aspirations, attitudes and academic achievement among the young people we work with. For over 50 years we have delivered inspiring short educational experiences to young people from all over the UK, and for the last seven we have worked with communities to help tackle social mobility where it is needed most. We believe that the young people hold the key to improving equality and social mobility, and creating a better society for everyone.
Please vote for Villiers Park to help us support less advantaged young people to build the skills and qualities that will help them to thrive in life. Please vote for Villiers Park to help make sure that professions like law, medicine, finance and business become more representative of our society. Please vote for Villiers Park today to open up opportunities for everyone.

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I feel so proud when our students tell me how much Villiers Park has helped them to succeed. I am exceptionally lucky to work for an organisation that not only values each and every member of staff, but ultimately puts the welfare of the young people we work with at the heart of every activity.

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