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We are London International Choir. Internationality is our core. We come from more than a dozen countries, speak different languages, are of different age, height and colour, and yet we are one. We’re united in our diversity and this is what makes us strong.

We choose to sing as a choir which in its own small way refutes the movement of division and terror, which is so painfully real today. We get together and help each other whomever we are, wherever we come from, whatever we look like. Through music, we like to create beauty and joy where we can.

Every season we welcome people of all nationalities to come and sing as one choir, in a variety of styles and genres, learn music and take on new challenges whilst enjoying the varied, international nature of the group through social events and friendships. Our repertoire is as diverse as our membership – we sing classics, pop, jazz, world music and more, in just as many different languages.

Inclusive, warm, authentic and fun, LIC - as we like to call it - has become a family away from home for many of us and brings joy to the lives of its members and audiences alike.

We rehearse towards the big, ‘end of season’ concerts every December and June with smaller gigs throughout the season at places such as National Maritime Museum, Southbank Centre, V&A, Truman Brewery and others. Being a part of events organised for and by local communities gives us most joy as we connect with children and adults through music.

Our concerts are always free to attend, with voluntary donations, a sum of which goes towards a charity – we've worked with charities such as Steve Sinnott Foundation, Harvest for Hope, The Smile of Arran and, most recently, VCM Foundation which inspires people to explore, develop and learn through music.

We rely on membership fees to exist with no additional funding so your support will help us promote the choir, organise more concerts, support greater causes and run more unique projects that would help extend our message - for instance running music workshops.

Our wish for 2018 is for more powerful and beautiful things like LIC happen all over the world so that we can keep building the happy inclusive world we want to live in.

Your votes will help us live up to our wish.

Thank you!


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London International Choir

Moment of Pride

LIC is a unique bunch of incredibly inspiring yet humble people who love to sing, explore new things and have fun, who share their passion for music, their joy, their knowledge and their hope for a better tomorrow, and most of all, who care about one another and about making the world a happy place.

Location: London