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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We need your help to establish a Light family counselling and creche centre. This will allow Light to reach and help many more mums, babies and families through times of mental health darkness and crisis before and after childbirth.

What does Light do?

Light is a charity working hard to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of mums in Sheffield during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. Light was set up by mums who struggled with their own mental health after the birth of their children, they recognised that there was very little support for women and their families with mild to moderate perinatal mental ill health. Light focuses on the power of peer support and being able to share experiences freely without judgement, with people who have had similar experiences.

The women we work with experience a wide range of symptoms. Some feel incredibly guilty, scared, some feel numb, they can feel that their child and family would be better off without them or that they will never be good enough. Others may have had a traumatic birth experience and keep reliving the trauma over and over, or keep constantly crying and not know why. Some struggle to eat, can’t sleep or motivate themselves to do anything. Light exists to help with all of these feelings and more.

Light currently offers very successful and well attended peer support groups and a one to one service, all undertaken by our dedicated volunteer network. In addition, many of our mums have told us that they would really benefit from extra support from a Light professional counsellor.

Our Project

To allow us to widen the support we can provide we want to have a dedicated permanent space specifically for counselling. A safe, confidential and comfortable space that women and their families, including dads, can use to explore their feelings, thoughts and emotions together or separately. The counselling space could also be used for other supportive activities for mums to take part in such as craft activities, games or workshops. In addition, we want to offer creche facilities so we are able to offer child care to allow women time to focus completely on their recovery for the duration of the counselling. A creche would enable mums to bring their babies and toddlers to the counselling session and feel confident that they are being looked after safely, enabling them to focus on their own feelings and mental wellbeing. We often identify mums at group that we would like to do further work with and this funding would allow us to do this. Mums tell us all the time about the long delays they are facing accessing counselling and we hope that this funding would allow us to get mums this important support very quickly. This would be a huge benefit for the mums and families we support.

Please vote for us to help us to widen the support we offer, to ensure the mums and families of Sheffield are getting the support they need and deserve quickly. Here are some comments from two mums we’ve supported at our support groups, please help us to expand our offer to reach more mums in times of crisis…

“I had lost all my confidence and self-esteem and going to the group has helped me to begin rebuilding these. I'm not much of a group person but the group is so friendly and supportive, sometimes I just need to hear that others are finding it hard too! It has been a life line for me.“

“The Light support group which I’ve attended nearly every week have played such a huge role in helping me to recover, to be able to talk to other mums with similar feelings and stories and know you are not alone has been a breath of fresh air.”

Thank you.

Light Sheffield

Moment of Pride

Light works incredibly hard to support the mental health and wellbeing of the mums of Sheffield, the vast majority of this work is carried out by volunteers. These volunteers give so much time and emotional support to help others to recover and it is this dedication that makes me so proud.

Location: Sheffield