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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The proposed project is to purchase a replacement 17 Seater Minibus for the 4th Frodsham Scout Group, for use in transporting Scouts, Cubs and Beavers (young people between the ages of 6 and 15 1/2) to and from Scouting Activities.

The Group has been able, thanks to its previous minibus, to take young people living in Frodsham to exciting activities away from the local area. Previous trips include, Manchester Airport, Snowdonia, RAF Cosford and a Buddist Temple. The minibus will further the Group’s activities, allowing it to undertake activities that are otherwise infeasible. These Group activities give young people in the local Frodsham community opportunities that they would not be able to have otherwise, contributing to their personal, social and mental development.
A minibus allows the Group to transport young people to its activities, which otherwise would require private transport in cars. This would be more complicated and costly, and the Group would require significantly increased volunteer time and support to be able to carry out its existing activities.

The previous minibus was unfortunately involved in an accident. After this accident, the insurers deemed that it was not economically viable to repair the minibus. The Group was compensated by its insurance policy to reflect the estimated value of the minibus. However, this amount would not in the view of the Trustees be sufficient to purchase a minibus of the specification required to support the activities of the Group, and therefore the project to fund raise for, and source such a replacement has been initiated.

A minibus owned by the Group is significantly more economical and flexible for the Group to run than to borrow one from another Charity, or to hire one commercially on an ad-hoc basis. The Group conducted an options appraisal and it was found that a purchase of a new minibus is the most economical way to provide such a transport facility that the group needs, particularly when compared to a commercial lease. The project benefits the community economically by freeing up charitable resources to be spent on other projects and activities.

The project would benefit the community by supporting and furthering the Group's charitable activities, for example the Daffodil planting undertaken on the approach to Frodsham from Helsby.
The Group has sought to help other Community Groups and Schools to make use of its minibus on a case-by-case basis. This has helped such groups undertake activities that they would not otherwise have been able to do. Indeed, the accident which disabled the previous minibus was incurred on a trip undertaken by a local School. The Trustees are open to continuing this policy to help benefit the local community.

The Group would be looking to source a used 17-seater minibus that can be used to transport Scouts and tow equipment as needed, for example to camps. The cost of such a bus so varies enormously depending on its mileage and condition, and the Group will want to carefully vet any potential purchase to ensure it is of good quality. The Group are keen to purchase a relatively newer model to minimise maintenance costs and ensure that it will last a reasonable amount of time before replacement is required.
For that reason, the Group is expecting that the minibus will cost between £16,000 and £24,000 (inclusive of VAT).

Support for the project is considerable. We are able to provide evidence from our beneficiaries (parents of young people) as well as our stakeholders in the local community. Two schools have written to us pointing out that the benefit that access to a minibus would have on their organisation, due to their budgetary constraints, and the time strain transporting young people to events, puts upon parents. This can be provided on request.

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4th Frodsham Scout Group

Moment of Pride

I personally feel very passionate about the work the Scouts do for young and older people alike. The commitment from the leaders and wider Group is formidable, and testament to it's very success. It has enabled countless young people to experience activities they otherwise could or wouldn't do.

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