Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Your vote could help improve confidence, safety and mental well-being of some of the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach women in Coventry. Kairos is a registered charity that has been working in the city since 1999, so already has the established relationships and networks to carry out this work. Their support makes a real difference. The grant would be used for activities in two of programmes:

1) Feeling Safe Programme (£12,500)

This programme works with young women in Coventry aged 18-24 who are at risk of sexual exploitation - just like the ones you've heard about in the news from Rochdale or Newcastle. Many have grown up in care, have little or no education, poor family networks, and nearly all are victims of sexual abuse and/or exploitative relationships.

Kairos helps address their immediate needs as well as works on foundational things like mental well-being, confidence and self-worth - which are the key to long-term change and building resilience against the risks they face. The funds would be used for the activities over a year which support mental health and well-being and personal confidence:

- Horse therapy sessions - £2,000
- Outdoor activity residential – (transport, accommodation and confidence building activities for approx. 8 women) - £2,500
- Therapeutic creative group sessions such as making jewellery, cards and cushion covers - £1,000 (Room hire, staff time, creative materials and resources for multiple sessions)
- Awareness raising group sessions on grooming, online safety and personal relationships - £2,000 (Room hire, staff time, resources and workbooks for 6 months of sessions)
- One-to-one sessions with Kairos project worker over the year with around 15 individuals, which are tailored to each individual’s needs - £5,000 (staff time, refreshments, travel costs, training material)

2) Outreach and Floating Support Programme (£12,500)

This programme works with women in Coventry who are already caught up in sexual exploitation and prostitution. There is so much stigma around this issue, but these women really, really need specialist help and support. At least half are homeless or sofa surfing, and the vast majority were coerced into prostitution as teenagers – it’s not a choice they faced. At least 80% have a diagnosed mental health condition and many have faced significant trauma and abuse, including rape. Their needs are complex - but Kairos is committed to walking with them every step of the way to help them have safer, brighter futures.

The funds would be used for:

- Room hire and food and drink for our evening drop in sessions throughout the year where we meet women, address physical health needs and build trust and relationship with them (£4,000)
- One-to-one support sessions with a Kairos project worker. Our team work alongside women to develop a personal support plan which addresses areas such as confidence, mental wellbeing, homeless, drug use, employment - and then supports them each step of the way (Room hire,
staff time, transport and travel - £7,500)
- Counselling and therapy sessions for women who are ready to process the trauma they have experienced (£1,000)

The activities supported by these 2 programmes will help around 70 women in a year. These women are some of the most complex and hard to reach people in our city - yet Kairos doesn't receive any statutory funding. We are the only organisation in Coventry giving specialist support to women at risk of sexual exploitation who are over 18. Our experience shows us that because you are 18, doesn't mean you stop being vulnerable.

Your support would make an amazing difference as Kairos walk alongside women to improve their life chances, choices and wellbeing. Thank you for your vote.

Kairos Women Working Together

I'm proud of Kairos because they support women who others have given up on. These are women who have been through so much – violence, abuse, homelessness – and it's not an easy journey. The team go above and beyond every single day, believing each woman matters and that a better future is possible.

Location: Charles Street, Coventry CV1 5NP, United Kingdom