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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Ms Independent Ambassadors:
Ms Independent is a social enterprise on a misson to close the gender wage gap around the world by empowering young females between the ages 15–25, with the skills and confidence needed to enter male dominated industries or to become company leaders, entrepreneur’s and investors. Research from UK direct Gov.UK shows that in the UK the causes of the gender pay gap are:
• A higher proportion of women choose occupations that offer less financial reward. Many high paying sectors are disproportionately made up of male workers
• A much higher proportion of women work part-time, and part-time workers earn less than their full-time counterparts on average.
• Women are still less likely to progress up the career ladder into high paying senior roles.

We want to tackle this issue at the grass roots. Through surveying women aged 25 -30, many expressed that they lacked the confidence to:
• Take financial and career risks with investing their money.
• Apply for higher paid jobs or going for promotions
• Starting their own business.

They agreed 'If only we saw this in school and college they would have the confidence now to make bolder moves with their career and become better off'.

What is the Ms Independent programme about?
We want to give ten young females between the ages of 16-25 incredible work experience by becoming ambassadors for the 6 months. They will be trained to conduct dynamic, fun and entraining workshops about leadership, money management and entrepreneurship in schools, colleges and universities for other young women. The aim is for these girls to:
• Create and conduct a summer programme for young aged 14 -16 years old in the local community.
• To impact ten institutions each, in total 100 schools and universities will be impacted with a potential 5000 girls lives changed
• To showcase their journey in the gender pay gap annual conference

We will train them to through the train the trainer model by providing a 6 week training programme which will consist of:
• Team building activities
• Entrepreneurship training
• Finances and money management training
• Confidence and leadership training
• Exposure to large corporations
• Digital skills
• Marketing training

The fund will be spent on
• Paying the two full time trainers to train the ambassadors to effectively deliver on the above and supporty the ambassodrs throughout
• The training resources and equipment for the training programme
• Equipment for all 100 workshops that the ambassadors conduct workshops
• Expenses to travel to all the colleges, schools and universities in the UK.
• The Gender pay Gap annual conference showcasing their journey over the 6 months and educating the local community about how to close the gender pay gap
We know that this project is sustainable as we piloted a similar model with 4 young women aged 16/17 years old, who then impacted 60 other young female in the space of 6 weeks. This project is sustainable as it as it also:
• Provides tangible and beneficial work experiences that will allow these young women to be the best in any field of work
• Develops transferable skills, for example: public speaking, organisation, resilience building, effective teamwork as well as confidence with individual work
• There will be financial sustainability from the income generated from charging these institutions for these workshops. This will then will be reinvested to train the next cohort of Ms Independent Ambassadors
Our two trainers will be Directly impacting 10 women who will either go one to have very successful jobs or start those own businesses. We will be directly impacting all the girls from the 100 schools, colleges and universities that we will be visiting. Some of those girls will then apply to be a Ms Independent Ambassadors. Everyone that has been a Ms Independent ambassador will be a part of the network for life

Ms Independent

What makes me most proud about this project is seeing young women evolve and realise their full potential.
The project also teaches real life skills that will help these young women for the rest of their lives in any career path they choose.

Location: Mitcham