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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Climate change will likely have severe consequences for our planet’s survival if we don’t adjust our current way of life. We all know that, but what can we do as individuals, community organisations or businesses?

After the historic UN Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, we need to provide real solutions: to identify “pathways” to a Zero Carbon future by showing what’s working well, fostering the spread of knowledge and building capacity of local change-makers.

Our community group Transition Edinburgh wants to promote grass-roots solutions to our Edinburgh and Scotland-wide networks for more sustainable lifestyles.

We have already mapped on an online platform ( positive steps that all can take to have less impact on the environment while also improving our personal health, for instance by growing some of our own food.

Within days we had reached over 70 people, but we need to go much further.

Big changes in our lifestyle choices are necessary. Our future and that of our children is at stake - as our actions today will only show up in our weather patterns in 40 years’ time – more than a generation from now. That is why we need to reach the whole community – the young, families, employers – in short, people from all walks of life.

How can we do that?

Firstly, by developing our online Zero Carbon Edinburgh platform into an entertaining and professionally designed Online Challenge. With growing internet use, the Challenge will be an easily accessible and fun tool for individuals, communities and businesses to get inspired by the many ideas already collected to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. It will provide a platform to count the emissions reduced by each user, showing progress towards zero emissions.

Secondly, we are going to take the message to the streets of the Scottish capital by organising monthly “Zero Carbon Edinburgh Tours” for interested individuals as well as local community and educational groups. These unusual city tours will showcase a selection of the existing low-carbon examples such as energy efficient buildings and community gardens around Edinburgh.

Thirdly, we will engage communities by organising three collaborative events at the Edinburgh Fire Starter Festival in January and February 2018. These workshops will kickstart cooperation of communities such as food growing associations and city planners to make public services greener.

Last but not least, we will reach out to businesses by organising one-to-one and sectoral engagement meetings with local businesses in five of the city’s key carbon-emitting sectors:
Health, Transport, Construction, Waste & Packaging and Food.

During these events we will take note of obstacles to implementing sustainable measures and propose the use of more appropriate practices at the workplace like carsharing for staff.

We estimate that all of these activities will bring together over 1,200 people in 2018, providing fresh inspiration for living more sustainably and healthily – as well as cheaper.

So why should you vote for us?

At Transition Edinburgh we are convinced that promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and causing fewer emissions is part of the solution if we want to continue living on a sustainable planet. We are passionate about spreading the word and bringing about lasting and necessary change. Our project “Pathways to Zero Carbon Edinburgh” is our contribution to making climate change “real”, by increasing awareness, and at the same time showing up practical solutions and tools to adopt more carbon-friendly ways of living, to ultimately evidence real behaviour change in our city.

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Our enthusiastic inter-generational and multicultural team at Transition Edinburgh have been key in making the City Council and citizens talk to each other about climate change & develop projects. With your help we can go even further towards making businesses, communities and individuals act!

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