Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Improvement of our community club:
We have been at the premises for 5 years now and although improvements have been made, the improvements from any monies club don't allow for larger works. We cater to the local and wider communities for understanding and knowledge of Martial arts.
We are a traditional Karate club with Lineage from Sensie Kimora from Okinawa in the late 1800's

We uphold the traditional values of Karateka whilst ensuring a modern outlook is instilled in our Instructors and students alike. The instructors are all enhanced CRB checked and hold a certification in Sports First aid.
The instructors pass these on to the students, through Etiquette, Discipline, hard work.

The improvement of the club will allow us to
Externally we would like to improve signage as the current signage is patched repaired and looking very tired.

The entrance :
We would like funding to improve access to and from the 1st floor dojo, including carpeting.
and re decorating.
We would like to improve the internals of the club both aesthetically and carry out needed renovations.
Re decoration of the internals will allow us to have a fresh look and create a nicer atmosphere. We would like to add decals to the walls of our club logos and other important factors of the clubs rules etc.

We would ideally like replacement full length mirrors, and replace the wibbly wobbly plastic ones we have, this helps members improve and correct stances etc.

The current reception area requires upgrading to offer better support facilities for the general running of the club and interaction of the members and parents, this will include a new PC and the ability to stock and display the necessary safety equipment to all members.

We would like to improve the training equipment : The pads we use, the club mitts and punch bags are worn and becoming beyond use.

This work will ensure we can offer a far improved environment for our 130 + members to train in and allow us to continue to offer the facility to all the local and surrounding communities. This will enhance the club in general and allow us to expand the facilities to offer further classes.

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Ken Shu Dojo Karate

Moment of Pride

We are a registered not for profit community Karate club for the last 5 years and have serviced the local Prestwich/whitefield and surrounding areas. We cater to all people in society. We have Free to train supported members to full monthly paying members.We cater to all religions and abilities

Location: Manchester