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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Politics in Education, (P.I.E) is a volunteer-led project to provide interactive introduction to politics workshops at local schools and youth groups around Brighton and Hove aimed at 11-18 year olds.
Politics plays such an important in all our lives, yet this is something that we are rarely taught at school or anywhere else, whatever our age. This project aims to solve this issue by providing real, non partisan political education within schools and youth groups with the aim to expand to the wider community.

Please vote for our project for peer to peer, unbiased and informative political education for young people, so that they can join the dots, learn how to meaningfully engage in politics and make their voices heard; they are the leaders and voters of tomorrow.

Our projects’ aim is to meaningfully and in an accessible way engage young people in politics in order that they can better understand the world around them, how to engage with politics and see the relevance of politics in their lives. We use interactive activities, discussions and debates to dispel ideas of politics as “boring”, irrelevant or inaccessible. Through this project we also aim to create and strengthen links between university students and local residents, especially young people.

These workshops are conceived, created, prepared and delivered by volunteers - primarily university students - in schools and youth groups. Volunteers work with young people at Brighton Youth Centre, to design the programme of the workshops and ensure that young people are involved at every stage, in peer to peer education.The workshops are interactive (with games and peer to peer learning incorporated) and non-partisan or non-biased with the aim for the young people to explore different political ideas, debate and discuss them to learn from each other to come to their own conclusions.

Since April 2017 we have run workshops in 3 different local schools and youth groups with positive feedback, engaging a total of 80 young people and 20 student volunteers. This year we aim to run over 20 workshops, reaching more than 120 young people with over 30 student volunteers. One student said “Really fab – I loved how the people running it also get involved in the activities it helped stimulate lots of interesting conversation. Hope you guys do more”, and another wrote “It was fun, gave me insights on issues”.

This year our programme consisted of the following topics:
1) What is Politics and why is it important?
2) Political Parties - What are they and what do they stand for?
3) Voting and Elections - Is voting is important and how do voting systems work?
4) Media - Exploring different types of media, media bias, and reliable information
5) Human Rights - What are Human Rights, why are they important and what happens when they are breached?
6) Action - How we can be involved in politics: from voting, to elections and campaigning.

The funding we are bidding for will be used to:
- cover running costs of volunteer transport costs to and from workshops, promotional material to recruit student volunteers and invite young people to workshops and workshops resources (pens, paper, refreshments).
- create and print new work booklets for the workshops. Workshop booklets will further improve the impact of these workshops by providing additional exercises for the young people to do as well as providing summaries of workshop content in order to help young people learn and remember and be able to refer back to at a later date.
- pay for a day’s training for our student workshop facilitators to improve the students’ facilitation and workshop delivery skills.
- cover room hire as we hope to expand the project and run workshops in local communities, with adults and young people.

Politics in Education

The creators of P.I.E have put so much of their own time and effort to address the lack of political education in the curriculum and to give young people a better understanding of politics than we ever had. This project empowers the voters and leaders of tomorrow to be active citizens in politics.

Location: Brighton