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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We're a new, community-led group for 11-17 years olds, founded in 2017 and run by a team of volunteers. We provide an informal safe space for young people to meet up with friends, make new ones and pursue activities without fear of crime, bullying or violence. We currently hire a space at Springfield Parish Centre and our "drop-in" club nights run every Friday from 7.15 – 10pm in term time and through school holidays

Our founder, Shirley, explains how and why we got together as a community early in 2017 to make this happen:

"I was seeing posts regarding anti-social behaviour on social media that were becoming more frequent, and more disturbing. I put up a post saying the young people were bored and a youth group would be a great idea, and asked if anyone would volunteer to help get this idea up and running, the community came together and I ended up with lots of volunteers. We are going from strength to strength - each week we are gaining more members.
Springfield is a great community to live in - the young people need our help and direction, not our negativity.

There is good in everyone, sometimes it just needs bringing to the surface."

Our committee was formed in March 2017 and SYG came to life, with an opening date set for 30 June. We found a space to hire in our local Parish Centre, right in the heart of Springfield. We knew it was vital to have somewhere easily accessible to as many young people as possible.

After 3 months of crowd-funding, grant applications and hard work, we ran our first clubnight on 30th June 2017. Four months on we celebrated with a Grand Opening party, have upwards of 60 members, regular weekly attendance figures of 40+, and a host of regular activities on offer each week, as well as plans for special events and themed nights throughout the year.

Membership is FREE to keep the group accessible to everyone. Each session costs just £1.00 and refreshments are available (from 10p - £1.00) from the in-house tuck shop.

Entirely community-led and run by volunteers, we are reliant on grants and crowd-funding to continue and to develop our outreach activities in the community.


• Providing a secure and safe environment for young people aged 11-17 to socialise with their friends and make new ones without fear of crime, bullying and violence.

• Building confidence and developing interests, skills and capabilities.
Offering a wide variety of in-house activities: xbox & ps4 gaming / movie nights, team sport tournaments, archery, table tennis, pool, table football, karaoke, health & beauty, basic first aid, bush craft – and involvement in wider community projects, as well as organised trips.

• Inspiring young people to contribute as independent, mature and responsible citizens.

• Developing strong links with the local community through volunteering and social activities, demonstrating that young people are keen to engage and be a part of something positive.

• Offering information, informal advice and guidance, with the support of Essex Youth Services.

An award from Aviva's Community Fund would contribute hugely to our sustainability and growth.
We have no permanent home (yet!) so our own homes are packed with sport, entertainment and craft equipment generously donated by local residents; we'd love to have a secure storage space for this.
We also hope to offer a second club night and run workshops, Citizenship and Volunteering opportunities for members alongside our regular activities; the extra funds would help make this dream a reality.

Springfield Youth Group

Moment of Pride

We're proud to champion young people in our community at a time when they need it most, through those turbulent, formative teenage years.
Building confidence, independence and social skills, SYG is a true social network, offering friendship, fun, advice and support every week.

A place to belong.

Location: Chelmsford