Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Occasion Collective (TOC) CIC, based in Newcastle since 2013, curates a diverse programme of projects that focus on interdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of art, music, animation and dance with the intention of bringing wider communities together. We have a fundamental inclination towards time-based mediums spanning video, performance, music, dance and installation. The company provides opportunities for emerging and mid career artists to aid in the development of their practice with activities including workshops, residencies, live music and performance events, exhibitions, film screenings, volunteering opportunities, part-time and full time jobs.

From its launch, The Occasion Series has aimed to provide a platform for young and emerging creative individuals to showcase their work, to learn the necessary techniques involved with professional creative practice outside educational structures and to act as a community base from which individuals may gain new contacts and form new collaborations. The project evolved into OCCASION Festival in October 2014 exhibiting over forty artists through the course of three days across three historic venues. TOC aims to continually deliver an effectual and socially engaged programme of activities that are of value to both the artistic and local communities.

We have been offered the opportunity to make an impact on a more expansive community base at Alphabetti Theatre in the form of a month take-over of their theatre. We would like to provide an environment for the local communities to engage with creative practice and learn a variety of skills, understandings and working mechanisms from an international programme of artists and curators looking at the usefulness of creative practice.

We would use Aviva funding for the film series and workshop strand of the Alphabetti take-over, making access to relevant, practical methodologies from Filmmakers available. Through this we aim to engage communities allowing diverse groups of people the opportunity to develop creative expertise while expanding their digital skills.

The fund would enable us to be able to pay collaborating artists fairly, which is a large issue in the creative community. We would also be able to provide the screenings and workshops for free / “pay what you feel” to audience and participants – enabling a much larger range of communities to be able to engage. The money would go towards paying artists to run the workshops, screening fees, travel and accommodation and a small stipend towards attendees travel for those who could not afford to participate otherwise.

We would aim to invite around four artists / groups to screen their work over the month, which has a capacity of 98 for audience. We would also invite the filmmakers to hold workshops in their specific field of filmmaking (including green screen techniques, Virtual Reality, 16mm, found footage) that would be able to cater for 15 - 20 participants each. This would impact a total of 392 audience members, 60 - 80 participants, 4 filmmakers/ collaborators and 3 directors of TOC and 3 Alphabetti staff.

We are particularly interested in working in Alphabetti Theatre due to its inclusive ethos and progressive agenda. We will be placed in a fortuitous position with access to its diverse audience that spaces all age groups, cultures and backgrounds. We aim to intervene with their weekly programming injecting a new forms of practice and alternative modus operandi.

We will carry out an R&D trip to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in December funded by a small Talent Development Bursary in order to create a new dialogue between international organisations. This will allow TOC to enable more diverse collaborations and developing invaluable international relationships for communities in the region.

The Occasion Collective CIC

Moment of Pride

TOC has grown with its Directors over the last four years enabling the showcase of artistic talent from providing exhibition opportunities that weren't originally accessible for emerging artists to now being able to provide fees for involved artists engaging with wider and diverse communities.

Location: Saint James' Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom