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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Telling tales is about generations coming together to tell their own stories about growing up in Calderdale. Rather than it being children talking to the over 60's it would be an opportunity for people from all ages to link with another generation, using audio recording equipment to capture their words. The common link will be that it the project will collate stories about youth and how, over the years, young people have found things to do to entertain themselves locally. So an example may be someone in their 20's now may wish to talk to someone in their 40's to find out what has changed in 20 years and as teenagers what they got up to. Both would have different stories to tell about going to secondary school at 11. Another generation could tell of how they left school at 14, the length of a school day and what they got up to after school. It would be aimed at Primary School and Secondary school ages as well as family members of any age. People should vote for this project because it will help combat isolation and help to bring generations closer together in a fun and creative way that can give older people particularly a reason to access technology and younger people a unique opportunity to meet older people in the community and find a common topic that old and young have shared at some time in their lives.
Because the stories will be digital, they will not only be broadcast on our community broadcasting but will also be stored on our website and made available for anyone to download. People taking part will be shown how to edit the interviews and also how to access them on the Internet. This will be a community resource for future generations and also preserve the legacy of growing up in Calderdale.
We estimate that if 12 schools and youth projects are involved and families then a 500 people could be directly involved with more indirectly involved through accessing the audio either via the broadcast or website. If we were successful then the money would pay for a co-ordinator to develop the project in the community, create a training package to train people on how to use digital recorders and edit material, upload material onto the website and teach people how to access the Internet and search engines to find the material.

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Calderdale has a history of innovation and a thriving voluntary sector of which we are part of. Our station is a micro-community made up of different ages and abilities sharing their skills selflessly for the betterment of others. I believe this project will showcase how working together brings peop

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