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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Lymm Directory is a not-for-profit initiative set up by local residents who want to introduce a reliable, sustainable and efficient online tool to find, use and share local services.

Having developed a prototype website, the project requires a small amount of funding to get specialist input to produce a professional, appealing and functional version of the planned final website.

There is currently no accurate directory that collates a listing of all businesses, community organisations and local amenities. Lymm Directory would provide this service but also extend beyond a simple listing website. The team wishes to integrate a recommendation and review facility as well as features, news and offers about the organisations listed in order to give the directory tool more value and a real community feel.

The village is already extremely progressive in its endeavours to support local businesses and community groups but can fall victim to its residents using services outside of the area before asking about the local provision. As for recommendations and reviews, subjective word of mouth via chat groups and social media still sways buying habits but could easily be turned into a reliable, fair and impartial mechanism to share opinion, maintain high standards and encourage more people to ‘keep it local’.

Like many villages, businesses have felt the impact of commercial development in the periphery of the larger towns nearby and community organisations, groups and charities struggle with membership, volunteer support and funding to thrive.

The team are dedicated to launching a product that will be both practical and supportive to local people and organisations – whether commercial, community or voluntary.

The challenges faced by local businesses and community organisations can be in part overcome with greater awareness of their presence and easier access to their services. Promoting awareness requires much more than a static listing however and so the directory plans to use various social media platforms to share information and stories about local organisations.

Lymm Directory will have a substantial online presence with active social media coverage. All businesses within a 3 mile radius will be eligible to register for free. Businesses outside of this radius will be able to apply if the service they offer is not already provided by a Lymm organisation.

As well as free registration, organisations will have the ability to sign up for plans offering additional services such as promotion via social media, spotlight articles, links to external review sites and many others. This will ensure the directory is kept up to date, remains interesting and is useful to its audience.

Lymm Directory will enable people to leave reviews which will both encourage local organisations to improve their service levels (or indeed show how they deal with unfavourable reviews, if applicable) as well as making it easier for locals to choose their preferred service provider.

The project itself will require a professional looking website which will be populated with businesses and other local organisations (eg schools, doctors, dentists, community groups, charities and much more).

In summary, the goals of Lymm Directory are to:
• Support the use of local business and community organisations in order to help our struggling high street and boost the local economy. Buying local helps the smaller businesses to grow, employ and generate more wealth to put back into the local economy.
• Make it easier and quicker to find and contact a local organisation.
• Encourage the sharing of information about local providers.
• Create a sustainable local resource that offers both free listings but also optional paid features that may generate revenue to cover ongoing maintenance costs.
• Increase standards of service as organisations see the impact of the review and recommendations facility.

Lymm Directory

Moment of Pride

Lymm Directory is all about keeping it local! It has the potential to unite business and community, promote a thriving local economy and give local people a tool that facilitates finding, using, reviewing and sharing local products, services and amenities.

Location: Lymm