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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Solent Thrashers American Football are fully amateur sports club based in Southampton, Hampshire - offering the opportunity for all players of any age or ability within the community to enjoy the benefits of one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

American Football not only helps players to increase their strength and fitness levels, relieve stress and promote a positive mental health state; it also helps instil a great work ethic and sense of teamwork .

Adrenaline has been shown to help reduce stress and the rushes that players get from American Football can lead to being more calm and less prone to depression or aggressive behaviour outside of the Football environment.

The intensity and variety of speed and movements involved in American Football provides an excellent way for players to build long term fitness and burn fat. Since players are constantly moving around and keeping active, this means that many people do not even notice they are working out and getting fitter, faster and stronger. This also often stops them from getting bored and giving up.

The high intensity of American Football can help maintain healthy endorphin levels and can lead to more stable moods. Many people suffering from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety have been known to use exercise to naturally alleviate their symptoms.

Sport has an amazing way of making and bringing a positive impact to the local community and society. Sports and recreation are the centre of a strong and thriving community. Sport participation encourages team building, social interaction and the bonding of all those involved. This helps to develop a stronger concept of community identity and pride. American Football is centred around inclusiveness, it is a sport for all players of any shape, size, age, ability or background. The values that it can impart on individuals go far beyond football – they are important in life. In many ways it is a microcosm of life. It teaches people how to overcome adversity, to stay focused on an objective, and allows them to taste success at varying levels. When players step onto the field with their teammates, it builds a powerful bond. A lot of friendships are built on and off the field. Football is a uniting force and allows players to learn some important lessons that they can carry with them for the rest of their life.

Although American Football in the UK is fully amateur, the match officials and medical support are all professional and cost money. These factors along with the costs of running of the club (training/game-day facilities, team kit, travel etc.) on top of safety equipment for one of the toughest and most physical sports means that the club is always looking for help and support to offer the best possible value for club members.

The Solent Thrashers are looking to invest in a number of different avenues to help grow and develop American Football in the local community. This includes (and is not limited to):
- Equipment for new and existing players to make the sport a more appealing option by reducing the financial constraints on players.
- Providing fresh new uniforms for the team to wear throughout the season. This will ensure that all players are wearing exactly the same kit making the team look crisp and professional.
- Football training equipment. The club's success starts on the training field, so including items for strength training, throwing equipment, hurdles and agility equipment, field cones and tackling dummies will help to allow all players to develop to their maximum potential.

Please help and support the Solent Thrashers to boost and promote our great community led amateur sports team, looking to develop and grow an already evolving minority sport to its fullest potential in the South Coast.

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Solent Thrashers American Football

Moment of Pride

American Football is a sport for everyone! Whether you are 5'2" or 7'2", 8st or 28st., there is a place for you. It's far more inclusive than most sports and encourages cooperation among players of all different backgrounds. It promotes an ethos of teamwork, commitment, strategy, unity, and strength

Location: Southampton