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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Browick Road Primary and Nursery school is a small school in the heart of Wymondham, with a dedicated staff and head teacher and very supportive parents. The school has a Language Development Centre (LDC), which is a Specialist Resource Base for children with speech, language and communication needs. In 2015, the school changed from an infant school to a primary school, and in September 2017 the on-site nursery also became part of the school. This has meant that the age range of pupils has changed from 4–7 to 2–11. As Key Stage 2 and nursery pupils have joined the school, the facilities are being changed and adapted to cater for a broader age range.

As the Friends of Browick Road Primary and Nursery school, we support the school by organising events throughout the school year, fundraising for equipment to enrich school life, such as iPads and outdoor play resources, and subsidising special events and trips. Our focus at the moment is to provide outdoor equipment to offer more opportunities for outdoor learning for all year groups.

Over the summer of 2017, an outdoor classroom was built in the grounds, which gives the children a fantastic opportunity to learn and play outdoors. If we are lucky enough to receive an Aviva Community Fund Award, we would love to be able to enhance the outdoor space further by purchasing some new outdoor instruments for whole-class learning. Music is open to all ages and abilities and it can help to improve confidence, giving space for children to explore and experiment without fear of making mistakes. Music education has also been proven to have positive effects on language, literacy, numeracy and social skills. The school has already bought an outdoor xylophone, and we would like to supplement this with a set of hand bells and a Grab and Go kit, which includes tambourines, claves, boomwhackers and castanets. These would allow a whole class to play together.

In addition, we would like to purchase a PA system for the outdoor classroom that could be used by both staff and children during lessons and at playtime to offer a performance space for music and drama. It would also be used by the children at musical events and save the voice of our fantastic head teacher at sports days.

We feel that with the current busy curriculum, it is important to offer opportunities for free self-expression and creativity. If we were awarded this funding, it would really help to enrich the life for all the pupils at our school, from our Busy Bees Nursery children up to Year 6.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our project!

“The provision of new outdoor musical equipment will offer the children a rich a varied opportunity to express themselves through music and play. This will build on recent investment the school has made in improving outdoor facilities for the children.”
Jeremy Wiggin, Chair of Governors

Friends of Browick Road Primary and Nursery School

Moment of Pride

We are immensely proud of the enthusiasm and dedication of the Friends team, and of the children, parents and staff who support us! Everyone works so hard together to organise events that are creative and exciting and that raise much-needed funds for the school.

Location: Wymondham